Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling

Recipe for canning strawberry rhubarb pie filling. Easy recipe for beginning canners.

How to Make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling


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I love this time of year. My garden is growing great, and strawberries and rhubarb are now in season. There are lots of great recipes you can make with strawberries and rhubarb.


I canned some strawberry pie filling a couple of weeks ago, and last week I tried canning strawberry rhubarb pie filling for the first time. Strawberry rhubarb pie is one of my family’s very favorite kinds of pies, and this strawberry rhubarb pie filling recipe is now one of my favorite recipes for canning strawberries.


Pie fillings are really easy to make and can for winter. Canning is a great way to make your fruit last all through the winter, and there’s nothing like having pie fillings already made for pies to enjoy in a few months at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Don’t want to can your pie filling? You can also freeze it in these inexpensive freezer containers!


This recipe makes 2 quarts of pie filling. You will need 1 quart of pie filling to make one 9-inch pie. If you want to make 1 quart, just cut the recipe in half. If you want to make 4 or 6 quarts, just double or triple the recipe.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling Recipe


  • 5 cups rhubarb, diced
  • 5 cups strawberries, sliced
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cup Clear Jel*
  • 2 cups water
  • 8 tbsp. bottled lemon juice


Note: If you don’t have the exact amount of strawberries or rhubarb that you need, it’s fine to add less strawberries or less rhubarb, just make sure that you have a total of 10 cups of fruit.


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* If you have never heard of Clear Jel, it is a modified form of cornstarch that is used for canning. In the old days recipes often called for cornstarch and a lot of people still use it, but it is not recommended for canning anymore.


I have tried using regular cornstarch when canning homemade pie fillings, and I wasn’t at all happy with how it turned out.


The consistency of the pie filling turned out lumpy, and the color of the pie filling changed slightly.


When you use the Clear Jel, the pie filling is the perfect color and consistency, and you end up with perfect pie fillings every time.

Recipe for canning strawberry rhubarb pie filling. Easy recipe for beginning canners.


You might be able to find Clear Jel at your local health food store. You can also buy it on Amazon and have it delivered right to your door.


Wash the rhubarb and then dice it into small bite sized pieces.


Wash your strawberries and cut off the stems. Slice the strawberries. I used this strawberry slicer to slice mine. I love how it makes all of the slices the same size and makes your pie filling so pretty to look at!


Combine sugar and Clear Jel in a large stock pot. Add water. Stir. Cook on medium heat until mixture boils and thickens. Mixture will thicken very quickly. Add a little additional water if mixture becomes too thick.


Stir in lemon juice. Boil for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Stir in strawberries and rhubarb.

Canning Instructions


Fill sterilized quart jars, leaving 1 1/2 inches head space. You can easily measure the head space with this inexpensive canning funnel.


It is important to have the correct amount of head space because this pie filling will expand during the processing time and break your jar if there is not enough room in the jar to let the mixture expand.


Wipe the rims of the jars with a damp towel or paper towel. Place the rings and lids on the jars finger tight.


Put the jars in your boiling water canner. Fill canner with water, making sure there is at least 1 inch of water above the jars. Bring the water to a boil. Process the jars in the boiling water for 30 minutes.


Remove the jars from the canner and place on a towel on the kitchen counter to cool. Sealed jars can be stored in the pantry for 1-2 years. If you have any jars that don’t seal, place them in the refrigerator and use them in the next week or two.


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Recipe for canning strawberry rhubarb pie filling. Easy recipe for beginning canners.


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13 Comments on "Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling"

  1. How much does this recipe (strawberry rhubarb pie filling make…or how many quart jars).


  2. We just made 6 quarts from this recipe. I couldn’t find clear jel so we used tapioca flour. It looks good. We also added a cup of blueberries.

    Can’t wait to try this!! Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Hi! Glad you liked the recipe! Just to let you know, tapioca flour isn’t safe for canning, it alters the pH level of the recipe, making it unsafe for boiling water canning. It is important to use the Clear Jel. You can definitely freeze it though instead!


  3. Am I understanding this correctly that you place the jars in the canner with cold water then bring it to a boil and process for 30 minutes?


    1. Hi! No the water in the canner should have been heating up for a few minutes before you put the jars in the water. Just don’t set the timer until the water is boiling.


    2. Can’t wait to try this recipe! We moved to Switzerland and they use a jam sugar here that already had the pectin and citrus in it, with a 1:1 ratio fruit to sugar. My strawberry jam came out perfectly. I’m going to give it a try with this recipe since we don’t have clear gel. I think the lower amount of sugar should be about right for pie filling. We’ll find out!

      P.S., just discovered your page, love what you’ve done here!


    1. Hi! You don’t use pectin for this pie filling…but if you mean the Clear Jel, then that is a little less than tripling the recipe, so you would want to use about 2 1/2 cups Clear Jel. For this recipe the amount of Clear Jel does not have to be exact as long as you get the right consistency.


  4. Can you use frozen strawberries or should you use fresh for this recipe? I have frozen strawberries from the garden but wondered if they would be mushy in this.
    Thank you!


    1. Hi! I think you could use frozen strawberries, but they would definitely end up softer than if they were fresh. The pie filling might not look exactly the same, but I think the pie filling would work fine for the pie. It’s fine to freeze fruit and then can it, because you are not cooking it the little bit that it is in the canner.


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