Homemade Pretzel Rolls

Easy recipe for homemade pretzel rolls.

Costco sells some great pretzel rolls that have been quite popular the past couple of years. The first time I had one I thought they were a little different. I mean, who thought of the idea to make a dinner roll taste like a pretzel!?

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They did come to grow on me however, and when I saw a recipe to make homemade pretzel rolls I had to give it a try. These pretzel rolls are a little trickier than my one hour dinner rolls, but they are definitely worth the extra effort. They are definitely as good as the store bought version.


Pretzel Roll Recipe


1 tbsp. yeast
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 c. warm milk
1 1/2 c. warm water
2 tsp. salt
7 c. flour
1 tbsp. sugar
1/4 c. baking soda
Coarse salt

In a large mixing bowl, mix together yeast, vegetable oil, warm milk, warm water, and salt. If you are wondering how warm the water and milk need to be, they need to be about the temperature of hot tap water, which is hot to the touch but not boiling.


I usually put my milk in the microwave for a minute or so. For the water you can just use really hot tap water from the sink. I don’t usually measure the temperature, but if you are not sure, the temperature for both the milk and water should between 100 and 110 degrees F.


Stir in 4 c. flour and using the dough hook on your mixer, knead 4-5 minutes. As the flour is mixing in, gradually add in rest of flour. If you don’t have a mixer, you can knead it by hand. I use a KitchenAid stand mixer for making homemade breads and rolls.


Place kneaded dough into a greased bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Let it rise until double, about 1 hour.


Using a sharp knife or pastry cutter, cut the dough into 18 equal pieces.


Shape the pieces into balls and let sit on a greased piece of parchment paper for about 20 minutes.


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.


Combine baking soda and sugar in a large pot of water, and bring the water to a boil. Carefully place 3-4 rolls into boiling water at a time, cooking for 1 minute on each side.


Use a slotted spoon to remove rolls from boiling water. Place the rolls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.


Use a sharp knife to cut 2-3 slits into the top of each roll. Each slice should be approximately 1/4 inch deep. Sprinkle each roll with coarse salt.


Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden brown.


Note: Rolls are best served fresh, they don’t re-heat very well.


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Easy recipe for homemade pretzel rolls. One of my favorite fall baking recipes!

Do you love pretzel rolls but have a hard time finding them at the store? Make them yourself at home, homemade pretzel rolls are the best!

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