Removing Silly Putty or Slime from Carpet

Little known cleaning hacks for removing silly putty or slime from carpet. Also find how to remove thinking putty, magic putty, and more.

How to Get Silly Putty out of Carpet

Are you trying to get silly putty or slime out of carpet fast? Even if the silly putty or slime has dried on your carpet, there is still hope! This easy tips from our readers will help you in removing both slime and silly putty from your carpet.

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Note: The tips for removing silly putty from carpet are first, and the tips for removing slime are at the end of the article.


Tip #1: I actually did it – just now. I used Goo Gone Sticker Lifter following the directions. I scrubbed a LOT. Then I used super hot, soapy water. That was what seemed to really do it, but the Goo Gone loosened it up first.


Then I rinsed it well. It will never be perfect, but since the carpet is beige with brown flecks and a medium pile, it will be pretty much invisible unless you know where to look. The whole process took nearly an hour for a 1 inch spot.


Tip #2: Now, this is from a 30 year old male. My little two year old got silly putty into our carpet. It was awful. I used the previously mention method: Goo Gone and hot, soapy water. A little goo remover and hot water and presto. All gone. It took 10 minutes. This was in a shag style carpet with a ton of silly putty.


Tip #3: I just used Goof Off, (water based). Results were literally instant. Silly putty dissolved completely and we blotted the goof off out of the carpet.


Tip #4: For removing silly putty on carpet, I used WD-40 on spot for 10 minutes as recommended on your website but I had no rubbing alcohol so instead I followed with Oxi Clean in hot water, a little rubbing with an old toothbrush, and the silly putty came right out.


Tip #5: Tip #3 worked like a charm. I was absolutely amazed at how fast Goof Off worked. Literally dissolved the silly putty instantly. Thanks!…Holly


How to Get Magic Putty Out of Carpet


Tip #6: Soak the spot with WD-40, let the WD-40 sit for 20 minutes, pick the large pieces of silly putty off with a butter knife, take 3 Tsp of Oxi Clean and warm water and pour it on the area, take tooth brush and brush the spot, take a cloth and rub it over the area…Ronda


Tip #7: The Goo Gone worked for taking silly putty out of carpet! It only took about 5 minutes putting Goo Gone on a towel, blotting, and rinsing with hot soapy water. I had to repeat about 2 or 3 times and it’s totally gone! Thank you!…Sheila


Little known cleaning hacks for removing silly putty or slime from carpet. Also find how to remove thinking putty, magic putty, and more.


Tip #8: My daughter “lost” silly putty and I found it…on our couch, a fuzzy throw blanket, denim jacket and pajama top! I asked my husband to pick up goof off when he went to the store based on someone else’s tip.


They didn’t have it but the woman at the store suggested KrudKutter. I tried it and it was amazing. I sprayed it on and used a butter knife and paper towels to scrape off the residue, but it all came off, every last little bit!…Loren


Tip #9: WD-40 works wonderful! I found bright green silly putty in my tan shag-style carpet. After picking out what I could I then sprayed WD40 on it and let it set for 10 minutes. I rubbed with a dry cloth for a few minutes and poof! It was gone. I rinsed with soapy water and you would never know there was anything on it ever…Tiffani


Tip #10: Rubbing alcohol got silly putty out of my son’s favorite bear in about 10 seconds…Melanie


How to Remove Thinking Putty from Carpet


Tip #11: Found the kids’ thinking putty stuck in new charcoal shag carpet. Was similar to gum in hair. Pulled up as much as possible. The rest was really stuck in there. Went to this site and tried the tip for rubbing alcohol.


Dampened the area with the alcohol and rubbed with a clean dry cotton cloth. The silly putty dissolved into the rag. No visible residue in rug. Took no more than 5 minutes. Thank you!…Doug


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Tip #12: Thanks for the tip about using rubbing alcohol – it worked great! Silly putty had “melted” into a mesh chair — it was a mess!…Alise


Tip #15: Rubbing alcohol! I thought I was “stuck” with silly putty, but then I went to this site. Rubbing alcohol didn’t hurt my carpet, I already had some, so I didn’t have to go out and buy anything. Thanks for the tip!…Linda


Tip #16: Another 30 year old male. Had no goo gone or goof off on hand. Silly putty on carpet. Removed clumps by hand and dumped rubbing alcohol on the remainder. Scrubbed. 2 minutes later–all gone. Never would have guessed…Dan


Tip #17: I used OOPS! Just dampened a clean rag with it and rubbed it on the silly putty spot, and it was off in seconds! Then I rubbed the rug with clean soapy water and it was good as new…Lauri


Tip #18: Oh my gosh this worked perfect for me I took Goo Gone and some hot water with dawn soap in it and mixed some Goo Gone into it and scrubbed and it all came out with in 10 minutes (just keep scrubbing)…Quincey


How to Remove Slime from Carpet

The best way to remove slime from carpet after it dries is to use a rag to apply white vinegar directly on the slime.


The vinegar will work to dissolve the slime so that you can wipe it off the carpet. For tough stains, let the vinegar sit on the stain for a few minutes before gently rubbing at the slime with the rag.

Little known cleaning hacks for removing silly putty or slime from carpet. Also find how to remove thinking putty, magic putty, and more.

To find out how to remove playdough, candle wax, nail polish, and more from carpet, check out these genius carpet cleaning tips.


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Removing Silly Putty or Slime from Carpet

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removing silly putty or slime from carpet

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4 Comments on "Removing Silly Putty or Slime from Carpet"

  1. Thanks a lot! worked for me. My son’s liquid glass (got from his school teacher) was left on carpet. Our cat was blamed for this. He tried his best to remove the major portion from the carpet, however, the residue (dark blue) was still there. He tried to scale it off from the carpet with little success, until I found this website. I used 91% alcohol, mixed with some tap water (so about 75%) and pour them to the needed area. Then I used some white clothes to dry the area and carpet looked just fine.


  2. White vinegar is a miracle working tool… I’ve had slime spots pink and blue on my red carpet for a month. I just spent 10 minutes with white vinegar and a rag and got all of the dried slime out!!!

    Thank you!


  3. Anyone know about how to specifically get the black Think Mud Magnetic Slime out of carpet???? Very concerned about it being black and magnetic….how that might change things when putting vinegar or Goo Be Gone on it.


  4. Tip #6 with concentrated Basic H worked phenomenal for glow slime/putty. Wow! Thank you, Barb! Wow wow I’m perplexed! Beth, Texas


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