How to Clean Cat Vomit from Carpet

Cat vomit isn't easy to remove from your carpet. This all-natural cleaning tip will help eliminate that troublesome stain and smell.

Q: My husband and I just bought all new flooring for our house and the carpet is a silver grey color. We have a cat that throws up quite often and it is always an orange-brown color.

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Usually I can get the stain out by using Spot Shot or even vinegar and water but this time it turned pink and now I have a huge pink blotch on the carpet. Does anyone have any “at home remedies” that work well? I am starting to get really upset with this cat, my new carpet doesn’t look so new anymore!


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Tip #1: I would suggest “Resolve” for your carpet, or any enzyme cleaner. For the cat, try putting less in her bowl. If we fill our cat’s bowl, she seems to think she needs to eat as much as possible at once, and then throws it up.


So we’ve been keeping a small amount in her dish, and it has solved the problem. We do have to replenish it (in small amounts) more often, but we’d rather do that than be cleaning vomit.


Tip #2: Sometimes seltzer will take stains out, I don’t think it can hurt. Generally, if cats are throwing up, it’s a hairball. It can cut back on the hairballs if you give your cat Cat Lax regularly and if you feed them a food for hairballs. It helped a lot with our cats.


Tip #3: If it is indeed a hair ball causing the vomiting, apply a dollop of vaseline to the cat’s tongue. The cat will lick the vaseline, which will lubricate any hair in its tummy and will pass easily through the digestive system, which means no more vomit.


I do this regularly, I promise it won’t hurt your cat. That ended the vomit and all that extra cleaning. As far as the carpet goes…I have to agree with the lady that had the enzyme solution.


I mix up Oxyclean and water, mixes well and after wiping up excess from carpet I apply the solution, letting it soak for 10 minutes cleaning with a sanitized toilet bowl brush.


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Tip #4: Try Barbasol shaving cream or club soda. Either one works on just about anything.


Tip #5: It’s the dye in the cat food that caused the stains. Please give your cat very high quality natural cat crunchies or better yet switch it to a raw diet. Your cat will be much happier and healthier.


I had two cats with this problem and I never have vomiting troubles with them since I switched their diet. There is lots of information on raw feeding on the internet.


Tip #6: You need to address the problem of why the cat is vomiting first and fix that. Many times it’s due to hairballs in the cat’s system. There is cat food, treats that help with the removal of hairballs. There is also a cat laxative that should help as well. If you brush your cat regularly that should also help.


Tip #7: First of all, you need to brush your cat twice a day. If no fur balls, less to vomit. Feed Science Diet dry cat food. I used Folex available everywhere. Spray some on, blot, then pour on some club soda, let sit a minute or so, then blot, blot, blot.


Maybe repeat process. They usually throw up in the same areas, so put down a few small throw rugs.


Tip #8: We have the same problem, though not as often, with one kitty and three small dogs. We have off-white carpet, so…I use a squirt bottle with one part white vinegar, five parts water, along with baking soda.


First, I heat the water/vinegar in the microwave until it is very warm, not hot. I saturate the stain, and press down with a light-colored towel.


Be careful not to use colored fabric, it may leach into the carpet. Then I sprinkle a little baking soda on the stain, let it set for about one minute, then saturate it again, immediately pressing over and over until the spot is fairly dry. I keep this up until it has faded or disappeared.


I have removed chocolate throw-up (no, we don’t give our dogs chocolate, it was a small amount a friend accidentally dropped), cat-grass vomit (an ugly green), blood (mine), urine, diarrhea, poo, and just about anything else little people, big people and fuzzy “people” can spill! The baking soda can bleach, so be careful.


We invested in a Hoover shampooer, and it has really made a difference. Once you have shampooed over these old spots, they disappear for us. It is not fun, but it works. Blessings!


Tip #9: Don’t know if this is the reason your cat is vomiting or not but if the litter box is not cleaned enough a cat will hold it as long as they possibly can which causes illness and vomiting…hope this helps.


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3 Comments on "How to Clean Cat Vomit from Carpet"

  1. Can I just say a massive THANK YOU. Our cat had too much fun in the garden (spring is finally here and she is not stuck inside anymore) and ate too much grass which she promptly puked on our new light grey carpet, twice, in different places. I used your method and stains are gone! I might use this method on the Irn Bru stains from Christmas… THANK YOU!!!


  2. To the lady that suggested using Vaseline on cats tongue. You stated you do this regularly, exactly how often is that for you?? Thank you


  3. Huggies baby wipes will take out most stains! We have a cat that regularly throws up and have been amazed at how well the wipes work. If you find an “old or dried up stain”, “re-hydrate” the area with a wet, white paper towel. (You can place a shoe or the plastic wipe container on top of the paper towel. It will press the moisture back into the area.) Then take a baby wipe an scrub the stain. They also work on spaghetti sauce, ketchup and other stains. You will be amazed with how well they work.


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