Eliminating Vacuum Smells

Does your vacuum cleaner smell when you are running it? Check out these tips for eliminating vacuum smells.

How to Eliminate Vacuum Smells


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Q: Even though I use a new bag the vacuum lets out a bad smell like popcorn or something. It is about a year old. It’s always been this way even with other vacuums…is there a secret for getting rid of vacuum smells?


Our favorite tip: I own my own cleaning business and I can assure you that this does work. At Amazon you can buy a product called OdoBan. Take the filter out of your vacuum and spray it on that directly. Allow it to dry for a few moments. Also you may want to remove the vac bag and clean all on the inside of your machine. Even spray OdoBan in there. I would suggest even saturating a cotton ball with a little and put it in the bag. * If you have carpet and pets this could be causing the odor. I know that we shampoo our carpets every three months because the smell from the stinky dog can make your vacuum stink big time!


Tip #2: I used to work in appliance repair for Sears. If using powdered fresheners make sure to use them in the bag only. The kind that you sprinkle on the carpet can cause your motor to go bad, the dust gets all inside everything. Use the potpourri in the bag or a fabric softener sheet.


Tip #3: I presume you don’t use anything in your vacuum…the smell is the dust. It is a good idea too, to clear the fibres and hairs from the vacuum roller head regularly – I do mine every 3rd time of using the vacuum as it is easier to maintain then.


As for the smell, I use some laundry washing powder sprinkled in the bag only. I use a lovely smelling washing powder…actually a choice of 3 as I buy whatever one’s on special.


Or you can use carpet powder deodorizer…or room freshener…anything you have in the house that smells nice and is a powder form will do the trick actually.


Tip #4: I hate the smell of my vacuum cleaner! YUK! I usually take a very small piece of toilet paper or kleenex, drop a few drops of my favourite essential oil in it (I like fresh smelling ones like Lemongrass, for instance) and vacuum it up. It eliminates the “dirty” smell and makes vacuuming a lot nicer…Frances


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Cleaning hacks to make your vacuum smell good! Easy DIY tips for eliminating vacuum smells.

Does your vacuum cleaner smell when you are running it? Check out these tips for eliminating vacuum smells.

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