Easy Easter Baskets by Age

Easy DIY Easter basket ideas broken down by age groups for all your friends and family. From toddlers to teens to adults, there is an idea for everyone.

If you are doing several Easter baskets for family and friends you may be overwhelmed trying to decide what to fill them with.

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Often it works best to determine what your basket recipient would like depending on their age. Following is a guideline for choosing the contents for Easy Easter baskets by age:


Toddler Easter Basket


You will want this Easter gift basket to be full of small things that will delight your child. Candy should be kept to a minimum since it is often difficult to regulate with a very young child. You could include:


  • Books–Cardboard books work especially well for this age group since they can stand up to rough usage.
  • Toys–Small toys will enchant this age child but make sure there are not small pieces that can break off and be a choking hazard.
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzles that are age appropriate
  • A plush animal

Elementary Age Child’s Easter Basket


This age group is ready to take on more complicated toys. They are the most enthusiastic about Easter and will be delighted to go through Easter basket. You could include:


  • Art supplies-markers, pens and pencils, paper and stickers
  • Travel games
  • Easter themed plush animals
  • Character based toys
  • Water toys
  • Candy and other treats that they enjoy

Pre-Teen’s Easter Basket


While this age group may seem reluctant to join in the fun of a basket they will secretly love getting one. You could include:


  • DVDs of a recent hit movie for this age group
  • CD’s or a gift card to download music
  • Makeup as appropriate
  • Locker accessories for school
  • Items that reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Snack packs of treats that they can keep in their locker

Teenager’s Easter Basket


They may seem even more reluctant than their pre-teen counterparts but you should not be fooled by their standoffish behavior. They will also enjoy getting an Easter basket with the following items:


  • A gas card if the teenager is driving
  • A gift certificate to their favorite store
  • CDs of a gift card to download music
  • Items that reflect a personal interest or hobby
  • Treats and other snacks that they would enjoy

College Student’s Easter Basket


This Easter basket may have to be mailed if your college student cannot come home at Easter. But you can let them know that they are thought of with the following items:


  • A money gift card (since most college students are always broke)
  • Treats or other food items that remind them of home. Whether it is home baked chocolate chip cookies or ones from a special bakery they will appreciate it.
  • School supplies
  • Items to decorate a dorm or apartment

Adult Easter Basket


An adult Easter basket can be personalized to fit the interest or hobbies of the recipient but any adult would be happy with the following basket. You could include:


  • Gourmet chocolates–don’t forget a chocolate Easter bunny
  • Peeps–because every Easter basket should have them
  • A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant perhaps accompanied by movie tickets
  • Assorted Easter candies and trinkets as appropriate for the Easter recipient

Grandparent’s Easter Basket


Whether a grandparent is near or far they would love to receive an Easter gift basket with the following items:


  • A small but easy to care for flowering plant
  • Pictures from loved ones
  • A digital frame fully loaded with pictures
  • A gift card to a favorite restaurant (many seniors are on fixed incomes and appreciate this)
  • An assortment of retro Easter candy for fond memories


Article written by Beverly Frank. Visit http://www.easterbunnyfun.net/ for crafts, coloring pages, recipes, poems, and the opportunity to share your best Easter memories.


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