Ginger Simple Syrup

How make an easy ginger simple syrup to refrigerate or can to make homemade ginger ale.

I am excited to share my ginger simple syrup recipe with you. I have found a fun new hobby lately, trying out new flavors of simple syrup. You might be wondering what my fascination is with simple syrups?

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Simple syrups are basically a sugar and water mixture that you can add other flavors to. So far I’ve tried ginger simple syrup, lemon, vanilla, rose, and lilac simple syrups. You can use these syrups in a variety of ways.


It’s easy to just make a couple of cups of this simple syrup, if you just want to store it in the refrigerator. To make a larger quantity, you might want to consider canning it to make it last longer.


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How make an easy ginger simple syrup to refrigerate or can to make homemade ginger ale.


The basics for making simple syrup is very easy. You can make any amount you like at one time. The basic ratio is 1:1 sugar to water, so for every cup of sugar you need a cup of water.


If you are just going to refrigerate the syrup you can reduce the amount of sugar if you like. If you are going to can the syrup, you should keep the 1:1 ratio to ensure that the syrup is safe for canning.


The nice thing about this syrup is that you can put as much or as little of the syrup as you like in your beverage, controlling the amount of sugar you put in your drinks.


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Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe


For this recipe I used approximately 8 cups water and 8 cups sugar. This will make approximately 10 pints of syrup, but your ending amount may vary depending on how long you simmer it on the stove.


To make a ginger flavored syrup you will need to buy some fresh ginger. You can usually find it in the produce section at your local grocery store. Even Walmart carries it. It looks like a big gnarly root.


Indulge in the warm and spicy flavors of homemade ginger simple syrup with this easy canning recipe. Perfect for adding a kick to your cocktails, mocktails, and even desserts, this versatile syrup is a must-have in any kitchen. With just a few simple ingredients and a bit of canning know-how, you can enjoy the bold taste of ginger all year round. Get ready to elevate your beverages and culinary creations with this delightful syrup – your taste buds will thank you!


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You don’t need a specific amount of ginger for the recipe. I used two pieces approximately the size of the palm of my hand for this recipe. Slice the ginger root into thin round discs.


Place the water, sugar, and sliced ginger root in a large stock pot. Turn the stove on low, and the sugar will dissolve in 10-15 minutes. After the sugar is dissolved the syrup is ready to refrigerate or can.


Remove the ginger root from the pan. If you have any little pieces floating in the liquid you can use a fine mesh strainer to strain it.


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Canning Ginger Simple Syrup


If you are going to refrigerate the syrup, pour into jars and place in the refrigerator. The syrup will last at least a month in the refrigerator. If you are going to can the syrup, pour the hot syrup into sterilized pint or quart sized canning jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space.


Wipe the tops of the jars with a damp paper towel or dish towel and place lids and screw bands on jars. Process jars in boiling water canner for 10 minutes.


Remove jars from canner and let them set on a towel on the counter until they cool off. Test lids to make sure they have sealed.


Uses for Ginger Simple Syrup

  • Use ginger simple syrup in your favorite cocktails.
  • You can use ginger simple syrup to sweeten iced black or green tea.
  • Use ginger simple syrup to make homemade ginger ale!  I decided to invest in an inexpensive SodaStream machine, and it has saved me a lot of money on club soda!  To make homemade ginger ale, just add a couple tablespoons of ginger syrup to a glass of club soda or sparkling water. You have to try homemade ginger ale, it’s amazing!


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5 Comments on "Ginger Simple Syrup"

  1. I would like to make a lemon ginger syrup. Would you recommend replacing water with lemon juice or adding the juice and the peel and straining it with the ginger? I want to can it.


  2. Just FYI if you slice the ginger thin and simmer for an hour or two, you get ginger candy. I roll it in granulated sugar after straining it out of my syrup. My husband loves ginger ale AND ginger candies.


  3. Can I use stevia in stead of sugar? My boyfriend loves diet ginger ale, but I’m trying to find a homemade version using stevia.


  4. We grow sugar cane, and I froze sugar cane juice last season. I have been defrosting it and boiling it down in a crock pot. I added ginger and made great syrup. I want to make simple syrups to give as gifts, so I want to can it, but can find no recipes for safely canning syrups made from cane juice. Please point me in the right direction


    1. Hi! According to this canning expert, any simple syrup that has twice as much sugar as water in the recipe is safe for canning, so that is what you should consider when making up your own simple syrups.


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