Freestone vs. Clingstone Peaches

Freestone vs. clingstone peaches. Do you know which peaches are better for baking or canning?

There are many different varieties of peaches. What I didn’t know, however, is that some are better for canning than others. The way to know if the peaches you have are good for canning or not is to know if they are freestone or clingstone peaches.

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Clingstone Peaches

Clingstone peaches are peaches where the peach does not come away easily from the pit of the peach. These kinds of peaches are fine for eating or for making pies or other desserts, but if you are looking for peaches to can, you will have to cut them into slices. Clingstone peaches are generally smaller and sweeter than freestone peaches.

Clingstone peaches are ripe earlier than freestone peaches. They are available from mid-May to August.

Freestone Peaches

Freestone peaches are the most popular peaches for canning. They are larger than clingstone peaches, and look beautiful when halved in your canning jars.

Popular varieties of freestone peaches:

  • Elberta
  • Redhaven
  • Hale
  • Fairhaven
  • Red Globe

These are just a few of many peach varieties. Types may vary depending on your location.

Freestone peaches are available late May to October.

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Freestone vs. clingstone peaches. Do you know which peaches are better for baking or canning?

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      1. I think she means peaches *from* Colorado, such as Palisade peaches (which are typically Red Globe and Cresthaven).

        Based on the information you provided I believe they would fall in the category of Freestone peaches. Can you confirm this? 🙂

        Here is their site for more info:


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