Removing Permanent Marker on Truck Paint

Q: Somebody just wrote ugly things on my truck with a permanent marker. My truck is painted white. How can I get the marker off without removing the white paint also. I would hate to have to repaint my truck as my truck is new.

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Tip #1: Try one of those Mr. Clean eraser things–it took marker marks off our car! Also, maybe just strip the wax off–the marker should come with it. Then just wax again. Obviously, you should try these in a small spot first to make sure they work! Good luck!


Tip #2: Hairspray works wonders removing permanent marker from floors and walls, but sometimes, depending on the marker, it leaves behind a faint brownish mark – Mr. Clean erasers are worth a try too!…Theresa


Tip #3: Lighter FLuid and Goof Off work too. So does Citramaid.


Tip #4: I’ve had excellent results removing permanent marker with d’limonene (orange cleaner). It takes a few minutes to dissolve the ink but the results are great. When used full strength it’ll dissolve the wax on your car under it too but if you don’t mind re-waxing the marker will be gone.


Tip #5: My husband touches up paint on cars for a living, and he said if you try a small amount of paint thinner on a rag it will probably rub off. (But if it doesn’t don’t keep rubbing it.) If you have access to a variable speed buffer, the buffer combined with Maguire’s cleaner wax should also do the trick…Rachel


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