How to Clean Silk Plants

Clever tip for how to clean the leaves on artificial silk plants.

I am great at growing silk plants. Every other kind seems to die on me! Only problem is that they do get dusty. Have you seen the new aerosol spray cans for cleaning them? That’s all we need is another cleaning product in our cupboards. Here is an alternative for how to clean silk plants.

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Take a spray jar and mix it with one part vinegar and two parts water (or if you already have something similar made up- use that). Spray a very light coat on your silk plants (you may want to take them outside to do it). This should remove the dust accumulation on your plants.

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Reader comment: Thanks for the article “How to clean silk plants”. I have about ten outside in a protected area, but they are finally in need of cleaning or replacing. Thanks for the info…Donna

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Clever tip for how to clean the leaves on artificial silk plants.

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