Removing Tape from Glass

Q: I just bought a new car, and the paper tape that the previous owner used to attach the “for sale” sign on the side and back windows won’t come off. I used a razor blade on the side window, but still have some residue glue. I tried using a razor on the back window, but stopped when i started removing the rear defrost strips. I tried rubbing alcohol, windex, hot water, nail polish remover — nothing gets the glue off. Any suggestions?

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Tip #1: The greatest product I have found for removing that “sticky, gooey” substance after removing a taped article to glass is none other than WD-40.

Tip #2: Try Goo Gone. It removed the sticker residue from my parking pass sticker.

Tip #3: I used to work for a glass company, this is what we did – get a new razor, spray a lot of glass cleaner on the paper, carefully remove the paper with the razor holding it almost flush with the glass. You must make sure that the paper stays wet which helps it come off.

Tip #4: Lighter Fluid works on anything. As well as Goof Off and Goof Off 2.

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