Cleaning Brass and Copper

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Q: What should I use to keep my brass and copper throughout the house clean? My husband collects both brass and copper and has lots of it and is always bringing in more. For example we have an old copper washing machine and all over the walls we have copper baking accessories. And too many tea pots both brass and copper. Does anyone know of a simple way to clean?

Our favorite tip: Your local janitor supply store should carry a product called PEEK. You can purchase the cream product or the foam, which comes in a can. The cream is the best, it can be used for all brass that you have. Where I live we use the peek in the hotel and it keeps your brass clean for a long time. But do check out your local janitor supply store.


Tip #1: For the bottom of pots and pans, I use salt and vinegar. Then rub with a sponge.

Tip #2: Rub brass with equal parts of lime juice and dish washing liquid. Leave for awhile (leaving in the sun speeds up the process). Rinse.

Tip #3: To remove tarnish: Use a paste of salt and lemon juice, or rub items with half a cut lemon dipped in salt. Rinse. Removing verdigris: If brass or copper turns green, rub with a solution of ammonia and salt. Always wear gloves when using ammonia.

Tip #4: I once watched a Martha Stewart show where she cleaned copper pans by cut in half a lemon, pressed the cut part into a bowl of ordinary salt and then scrubbed the pan with the lemon. I tried it and it worked amazingly.

Tip #5: I have had really good luck with a powdered cleaner called Barkeepers Friend.

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