Removing Marshmallow Stuck in Pan

How to Remove Marshmallow Stuck in a Pan


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Q: I was making Rice Krispie treats and I had to use our super old marshmallows. I knew they would get hard after they cooled because of the old marshmallows, so some others and I ate them out of the pan while still melty and warm.


We didn’t finish all of it and forgot about them until a few hours later when it was dish washing time. The leftover marshmallow and cereal were stuck, rock hard by the way, to the pan! I’m not about to waste half an hour getting that stuff off by hand! What do I do??


Tip #1: First I would let the pan soak overnight – then the part that does not come off I would use Dawn Power Dissolver – (it comes in a spray bottle) Spray it on and let it set like it says to then wash it off. You might have to scrub it a little but not much. It really does work! Hope this helps.


Tip #2: Have you tried just reheating the pan gently to re-soften the marshmallow? If you do that and you have burnt on, then the easiest thing to do to remove any burnt on is to sprinkle it liberally with baking soda. Add water and reheat to boiling.


The baking soda gets under the burnt on stuff and removes it. If you still must scrub, use a bread tag (the plastic ones) or if need be, cut a plastic lid in half and use the edge to scrub with.


I had bought this nifty thing at Meijers one day that is heavy duty plastic and scrubs things like that off really quickly, but cannot find another one to give to family and friends. So the next best is a plastic bread tag or as I said a plastic lid cut in half or quarters. It really works. Good luck.


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