How to Clean a Cutting Board

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I recently ran across this easy tip for cleaning wooden cutting boards and thought I would give it a try. All you need is some table salt and a lemon.

First sprinkle a fine layer of salt all over your cutting board.

Next cut the lemon in half. Take one half of the lemon and scrub the cutting board with it, cut side down. Let the lemon juice soak into the cutting board. If your lemon doesn’t have a lot of juice in it you can use both pieces of lemon.

The mixture of salt and lemon juice will do a great job of both cleaning AND sanitizing your cutting board. It gets down into the little cracks to help kill germs.

I know my wooden cutting boards get a lot of use, I use them at least once a day, so they get really dirty. Just wiping them off isn’t enough to get them really clean.

The lemon and salt did a great job of cleaning. After I scrubbed the board with the lemon I rinsed the board off and dried it.

Keep in mind that you should never soak your wooden cutting boards in water or put them in the dishwasher. The wood will absorb too much water and expand, ruining the cutting board.

Give your wooden cutting boards a deep cleaning at least once a month, and they will stay much cleaner and last longer!

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