Tip for Removing Scorch Marks from Linen or Cotton Fabric

Removing scorch marks from linen or cotton fabric.

How to Remove Scorch Marks from Clothes

Do you have a scorch mark or iron mark on one of your favorite pieces of linen or cotton fabric or clothing? Give these tips from our readers a try, they really work!

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Tip #1: To remove a scorch mark from linen or white cotton fabric, dip a piece of old fabric in hydrogen peroxide, lay it on the scorched portion of the fabric, and rub with a hot iron (not too hot). If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat until the stain is completely removed.


Tip #2: If you scorch cotton fabric while ironing, plunge into cold water immediately and let stand 24 hours. The scorched areas will disappear.


Tip #3: To remove scorch mark from a garment, take a clean, soft cloth moistened with white vinegar and rub over discolored area.


Take another clean cloth dampened with water and rub area again. Continue pressing or ironing garment.


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How to Get Rid of Scorch Marks


Tip #4: Just a quick note to thank you for saving my life! Well, not really, but I was SO upset when I scorched one of my honey’s favorite shirts today.


I went to Martha Stewart’s site, thinking she would have a way to fix it, but no luck at all – when you look up “scorch” you are directed to plants being scorched by the sun! So I googled “repair scorch” and you popped up!


Your fix recommendation was perfect! Now I’m using the same technique to see if it will lift collar discoloration! You are a terrific resource! Thank you!…Debi


Tip #5: I tried the tip with hydrogen peroxide and it worked beautifully! I had a brand new white jean skirt that I laid next to a hot iron…(didn’t realize they were touching).


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I found I had a long scorch mark near waist and figured I would be out the $$ to buy a new one. I had to do the technique about 5 times, but the stain is gone! What a God-send your tip was!…Pam


Tip #6: Your tip of placing the scorched clothing into icy water worked! I scorched my white cotton/spandex blouse.


Since the fabric also had spandex with the cotton I chose not to use the hydrogen peroxide on it. The scorch (wasn’t too big but visible) was gone after an hour in the ice water…Elizabeth


Tip #7: I just tried this tip on some polyester I did hand embroidery on. While trying to iron out the residual ink from the transfer I inadvertently scorched the embroidery floss.


This tip saved the fabric that will be used to create a heirloom pillow. Thanks so much for sharing…Cindy


How to Remove Scorch from Iron


Tip #8: I was pressing a 94-year-old heirloom baptism dress for my 9th grandchild and scorched it – panic! I found your idea for the hydrogen peroxide and it worked! Thank you so very much! – and all my future grandchildren thank you too!…Pat


Tip #9: THANK YOU! While staying in a friend’s guest house, I kicked off the comforter and it landed up against an electric floorboard heater.


I was horrified to see a large scorch mark–right in the center of the duvet cover. The hydrogen peroxide tip is fabulous! Can’t thank you enough!…Linda


Tip #10: I scorched a pair of beige 100% cotton shorts. So I went on the Internet looking for a remedy and happened upon this site.


I used the ice water method, and this is how: I got a half-gallon jug of ice water out of the refrigerator and poured it all out on the scorched area. Then I hung the shorts outside to dry.


I kept checking to see if the scorch mark was still there, and it wasn’t. I thought I couldn’t see it because the shorts were still wet. But when they were dry, I saw that the scorch mark was completely gone. Thanks so much!…K


How to Get Iron Burn Marks out of Clothes


Tip #11: Fantastic tip about the hydrogen peroxide – I sold an adorable 50’s sundress with exquisite black embroidery on the white dress and wanted to starch and press it before mailing.


Apparently, I bumped the temperature setting, and it got too hot and scorched the dress in 2 large areas.


I WAS SICK!!! I looked up “Scorched” on google and found your solutions and the hydrogen peroxide eliminated ALL traces of the 2 large scorch marks. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HYDROGEN PEROXIDE !!! Thanks so much…Dana.


Tip #12: WOW, this worked! I scorched my white tuxedo shirt a few hours before a New Year’s party, and I would have been lost without this tip.


I put the peroxide on an old white sock, slightly wet the area on the shirt with the scorch, put the wet side of the sock on the stain and ironed the sock a little using moderate pressure. Did it two times and the mark was gone!! WOW…Chris


Tip #13: The vinegar works! I scorched my off-white linen/rayon skirt less than 24 hours before wearing it to direct the choir on Easter Sunday. Vinegar took the steam iron-shaped mark out of the middle of my lap!…Annette


Removing Scorch Marks from Fabric


Tip #14: I work with antique and vintage fabrics doing repair and restoration work on quilts ranging from 1840-1950. I had a piece of 150-year-old white linen which I had removed and hand washed.


I was ironing it prior to using it for restoration in another quilt from the 1850s and accidently scorched it in two small areas.


After treating one section with the hydrogen peroxide, I treated the other section with ice water…perfect results with both. Thank you SO much!…Brenda


Tip #15: I just finished making a baby’s christening gown and scorched it. I could of died but you have saved my life. By using the hydrogen peroxide and repeating it a number of times the mark is now history…Marilynn


Tip #16: Removing scorch stain from cotton comforter using hydrogen peroxide worked!!! My scorch stain was actually a stain from the hot dryer, not a burn from the iron.


The comforter was so big it did not rotate with the drum and being there was so much water in left from not wringing out well enough the scorch color water just swirled all over the comforter. Looks pretty much perfect after working on it with this method! Thank you!…Debra


Tip #17: Your tip about removing a scorch mark with hydrogen peroxide saved my son’s Halloween costume!…Marianne


Tip #18: Using peroxide on scorch marks. It worked. Had just finished queen size quilt that I was going to stitch the label to and just put it on the ironing board, not realizing that the iron was on.


I smelled it and a big scorch mark on the middle of the quilt. Needed to do the tip several times, but it is perfect once AGAIN. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART…Emilia


Tip #19: I am making an Easter dress for my granddaughter, and scorched the lace insertion in the sleeve. I tried the peroxide tip, and it immediately removed the mark!…Barbara


How to Get Iron Burn Out of Shirt


Tip #20: I had a turquoise all cotton camp shirt top that I found had a yellow mark near a button hole. It looked like an iron mark even though I did not recall causing it when I ironed the shirt or even seeing it before.


However I do have to iron this shirt each time it is washed and the shape of the yellow mark looked just like the point of an iron.


I tried the hint I found on this website of taking a piece of fabric soaked in hydrogen peroxide and then using it as an ironing cloth with a hot (but not TOO hot) iron or the stained area.


I had to do this several times and each time I tried it the scorch mark visibly lightened! It did not come completely out but has faded such a great deal that I will be able to wear that top again thanks to this great tip!


Tip #21: AWESOME TIP. As a screen printer scorch marks are common on very light cotton garments when using water base ink systems. We took the shirts laid them in an ice cold bath and it worked perfect!! THANK YOU…Matt


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Removing scorch marks from linen or fabric.

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16 Comments on "Tip for Removing Scorch Marks from Linen or Cotton Fabric"

  1. Wow,

    Dropped a cigarette ash on a vintage pair of houndstooth trousers (cotton I believe??). thought I was going to have to paint over the scorch mark!

    I dont have any hydrogen peroxide, so did the white vinegar trick, and it came off in about 2 seconds!


  2. Thank you. My special linen pants I bought in Canada came out today ready for Summer. I was ironing them and accidentally scorched one leg. Straight onto your site. Cold water treatment almost removed it in a few minutes. I then rubbed on vinegar and hurrah success.


  3. It’s working!! I may have to do it a couple more times though. I left my flat iron on my brand new 100% linen duvet cover and I almost gave up on life completely. Thank you for these tips! I used to first method.


  4. Tip #13: The vinegar works! I scorched my off-white linen/rayon skirt less than 24 hours before wearing it to direct the choir on Easter Sunday. Vinegar took the steam iron-shaped mark out of the middle of my lap!… Annette


  5. I have a scorch mark on the bottom of the skirt of my granddaughter’s RED satin Prom gown. I don’t know if I dare do anything as it might make it worse?? It doesn’t show much as the skirt is so full. I am just sick about telling her………


  6. Tip# 1 for removing iron scorch marks worked fabulous! I scorched the center of a quilt I was working in, and this tip saved the day. Thank you!


  7. Amazing! I accidentally scorched an old linen. I tried this and the stain is completely gone! Thank you!


  8. Thanks for the tip. I was trying to get all the wrinkles out of the most important part of a wedding quilt I am making. I later found a scorch mark. Thought I would have to cover it, but your tip saved the day!


    1. I need help I bought a Nike thermo weather and I ironed it and it got a mark I soaked it in water but that’s pretty much it what method do you recommend ?


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