Cleaning a Burnt Milk Stain from a Black Ceramic Stove Top

cleaning a burnt milk stain from a black ceramic stove top

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Tip #1: Thank you at this website for all your suggestions on removing burnt milk from a black ceramic stove top. It may save my marriage.

My wife (the kitchen queen, who normally doesn’t allow me to set foot within her kingdom, or…er…queendom; i.e. the kitchen) leaves town for 2 weeks.

Day 1: I’m boiling milk to make oatmeal, and somehow lose sight of the operation, and milk boils over onto her NEW black ceramic stove top. NOTHING cleans it off.

My bartender friend tells me to use fresh-squeezed lemon juice and vinegar. The result: NADA. I come to this web site and learn about Mr. Clean Magic something-or-other. YAHOO!! My local grocery store has it in stock — and I bring it home and give it a try!

This is day 3 — and it seems to be working, as long as I also apply a good bit of elbow grease. I DARE not use anything that will leave a scratch.

Little by little, with each application, and alternating with my bartender’s solution (lemon and vinegar) – the milk stain is starting to disappear.

Thank you Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – and thank you, internet. Fortunately, I still have a week to make it disappear — and save my marriage!…Patrick

Tip #2: I have found that when you moisten the stovetop and use a razor blade at a 45 degree angle, the toughest burnt on crud scrapes right off and all you need is a damp sponge afterward.

Also, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser really is magic! I don’t clean without him anymore…Sara

Tip #3: I was just on this site, because I burned milk and butter onto my ceramic stove top and COULD NOT remove it with my cerama brite.

I took the advice about the razor and then used my Cerama Bryte afterward, and my stove top looks like new. It is definitely the way to go. This site is awesome, I thought that my stove top was ruined…Cathy

Tip #4: A paste of baking soda and water also works well. It takes a bit of work but if you let it sit on the mess for a few minutes first, it’s a little easier.

Just use your fingers or a washcloth to rub it in. I have to do this regularly when my husband has been in the kitchen!!…Summer

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Cleaning a Burnt Milk Stain from a Ceramic Stove Top

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