Removing Wax from Tablecloth

Clever tip for removing candle wax from a linen tablecloth.

Q: What is the best method to remove candle wax from a tablecloth?

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A: First pick away whatever pieces you can from the tablecloth. Then put a thin cotton towel, a sheet of tin foil, then another thin towel on your ironing board.

The towel that will be “absorbing” the wax should be one that is old and you wouldn’t care about losing.

Then heat up the iron to its highest heat, and place the tablecloth wax side down on the top of these towels. The heat will melt the wax, and the pressure of the iron will draw it into the towel. Keep doing this until it is removed.

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Clever tip for removing candle wax from a linen tablecloth.


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1 Comment on "Removing Wax from Tablecloth"

  1. I did the steam iron with paper towels several times on a car set that had melted candle wax on it – when it dried, there was a oil or grease stain where the wax was – and, to boot, the stain spread further – larger area of stain – tried spraying SHOUT laundry stain remover and rubbing it in with soapy water – and used soft bristle brush – before and after – no luck.
    I am hesitant to use your product on fabric (new) seats in a (new) car and a upholstery shop told me to try rubbing alcohol –
    HELP! At wits end.


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