Removing Cooking Oil Stains from Clothing

Clever tip for removing cooking oil stains from clothing. One of my favorite laundry cleaning hacks!

How to Remove Cooking Oil Stains from Clothing


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Tip #1: I’ve found that original Dawn dish washing liquid will remove some grease or cooking oil stains even after they’ve been through the dryer.


Tip #2: Use hair shampoo to get cooking oil or grease stains out.


Clever tip for removing cooking oil stains from clothing. One of my favorite laundry cleaning hacks!


Tip #3: The key to getting out oily and greasy stains is to wash clothing in the hottest water that is safe for the fabric.

  • Remove as much excess oil as possible with a dull knife or spoon.
  • Apply 3-5 minutes to allow it to go completely through the fabric.
  • Use liquid detergent to rub through the stained fabric.
  • Allow the garment to sit for a few minutes.
  • Wash in the hottest water safe for the fabric. Check tags to determine what water temperature to use for washing.
  • Repeat steps 3-5 for fresh stains.


Tip #4: I’ve used Dawn original and Lestoil or PineSol also work well but check for color fastness. Let it sit for a few minutes then scrub well with your hands, wash as usual but don’t use cold water.


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Tip #5: Cover the stained spot with a generous amount of baby powder. Leave it for 24 hours. Just throw in the clothes in the washing machine after. If the grease is still visible repeat procedure and put more powder this time. Believe me it works!!!…April


Tip #6: You can use Lestoil. Put it on the cooking oil stain full strength and wash as you normally would. This will work on oil stains that have been through the dryer and/or are very old. However, Lestoil is quite smelly, so you will probably have to wash the load of laundry twice. I usually save up a couple of stained items and do them all at once just so I don’t have to double wash so often. Dry as usual.


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Cleaning tips for removing cooking oil stains from clothes.

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