Removing Grease from Painted Kitchen Walls

Removing grease from painted kitchen walls.

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Tip #1: Try using K2R spot remover. I am a property manager and have used it on wallpaper and it removed 90% of the grease marks. They are barely noticeable now.

Tip #2: I have used Mean Green to get grease off of everything. Paint, clothes (as there is a mechanic in the house) woodwork, floors, etc.

I haven’t had it remove paint yet. This is the best cleaner I have ever found. And it is cheap $2.50 for a good sized bottle!

Tip #3: When I was removing the wallpaper border in my kitchen, I used a solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water.

A friend recommended I use warm water for better results and I was amazed to find it removed the grease as well as the paper!

Tip #4: The tip I am commenting about is the “Vinegar and Water” solution for cleaning off grease splatter on walls.

This tip worked wonderfully! I can hardly tell the grease marks are still there; the look is now MUCH cleaner! Thanks a lot!…Crystal

Tip #5:: Vinegar + Water. Two thumbs up for this suggestion. It cleaned muck of the stains from my wall with only minimal effort. Important: After cleaning with vinegar + water, rub with *dry* towel…Aravind

Tip #6: I’ve used a strong vinegar water solution but recently I discovered Dawn Power Dissolver, for dishes. It cleans everything!

Just spray on, let it set for a minute and it comes right off. I use it to clean my range hood where that dust and grease mixture is impossible to remove, works like a charm.

I use it to clean my stove top too…Angela

Tip #7: Greased Lightening is excellent for removing grease from the stove or what may have splattered onto cabinets or countertops…Sarah

Tip #8: Although I’m mostly using vinegar to clean with these days I still resort to Scrubbing Bubbles for tough, old grease.

It works great whether for ring around the tub, grease on kitchen walls, or elsewhere.

Tip #9: This may sound strange but it really works! I used ashes (out of the fireplace, from a tree, must be wood ash, the lye in the ash breaks down the grease) wet down the ashes, to make them pasty, rub them on and let sit for a couple minutes, wipe off with wet cloth and with minimal effort it REALLY COMES OFF!!!

I have been through a lot of moves, we average, one a year, and we always rent so I have tried everything and this is the only thing I have found that works.

I hope this helps (and yes, it was A LOT OF BUILD UP from previous tenants, we don’t always get to rent the best places but at least we always have a home!).

Tip #10: I use 409 cleaner degreaser on my walls and it takes off all the grime and children finger prints and streaks too. I have never noticed it hurting my paint so just be careful but it works like a charm…Alyssa

Tip #11: You could use Lestoil. It’s a great cleaner for grease. I’ve used it on grease stains on clothing too and it get’s it out every time!

Tip #12: Try Dollar Tree store and get a product called Awesome cleaner. I used it on my range hood that has a rough surface & it is the cleanest it has ever been.

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Removing grease from painted kitchen walls.

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