Felt Christmas Tree for Kids

This felt Christmas tree is so easy to make. Kids will love decorating it over and over again.

I saw an idea for a felt Christmas tree on Pinterest last month, and I have been really excited to make this fun Christmas tree for kids.

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I knew my kids would love it. It is very inexpensive and only took a couple hours to make. You don’t even really need a pattern to make this tree.


DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Supplies Needed:


You can purchase felt by the yard at most craft stores. You can also order it online from Amazon.


Easy DIY felt Christmas tree for toddlers or young kids to decorate for the holidays.



You don’t even need a pattern to cut out the tree. As in the photo below, fold the top right corner in toward the center of the piece of felt.


This will create a line that you can cut along. Do the same for the top left hand corner. You will then have a large triangle left in the center to use for the tree.


You can really have fun with the ornaments. It is very easy to just cut them into different shapes, but I found it was easiest just to find something round to use as a pattern and then cut a bunch of round circles out of a variety of pieces of felt.


You can use Wonder Under fusible web to iron pieces of felt together to create patterns on the ornaments, or you can also use a hot glue gun to glue pieces of felt together.


Sequins look really pretty on these felt ornaments. You can glue them on with a hot glue gun. Just make sure that your tree is age appropriate for your child.


You will not want sequins around children who are three years old or younger. Your child could also use fabric paint to help decorate the ornaments.


Christmas presents can be made by cutting felt into the shapes of squares and rectangles. Don’t forget to make a star for the top of the tree.


This tree can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. You could really spend some time on the ornaments if you wanted to.


Most toddlers will be very happy no matter what the ornaments look like. They can take them off the tree and place them back on wherever they like.


This felt tree is great for ages 1-5. It might help take some of the fascination off the real Christmas tree and give your kids something fun to play with. Kids love decorating this tree over and over again.


Displaying the Tree


I used Command velcro strips to attach the tree to my wall. These strips are removable after the holiday season.


They do cost a couple of dollars, however. You could also use staples or thumbtacks.


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Easy Christmas tree for kids. This felt Christmas tree is so easy to make. Kids will love decorating it over and over again.

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