18 Clever Uses for Magic Erasers

People love cleaning with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Here are some of their favorite tips!

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Tip #1: I have many uses for my Magic Eraser, but my favorite is removing build-up from the bottom of my iron, which has a non-stick finish. The first time I tried it I wasn’t very hopeful that it would work, but to my amazement, my iron came out looking like new!


I have one of those old white formica counter tops in my kitchen, and I noticed that the facings looked pretty grungy, so I took my magic eraser to them and they came out looking white and brite!


Magic Eraser is also great for removing hairspray build-up from the brass doorknob in my bathroom. How did we ever live without this great product?…Terry


Tip #2: I used to clean my bathtub/shower with cleaning solutions that would make me sick from smelling the fumes. I used the Magic Eraser on my bathtub/shower with ONLY water. This is a great product. I encourage everyone to try using it, it does take some elbow grease, but the results are outstanding. Excellent product…Tina


Tip #3: When we got ready to sell our five year old house, I took a Magic Eraser and spot cleaned the walls in the entire house (which were all white).


Everyone who looked at the house were amazed when we told them we had never painted. They couldn’t believe the walls could look so NEW after five years!…Darlene


Tip #4: A few months ago I discovered the “Magic Eraser”. I use it for so many things. It really cleans well and makes what you clean so clean and well done. It is well worth your time to use it. It can take off crayon marks, ink. I have used it in place of dusting.


Makes your things looks sharp. I even used it on my monitor. It really cleaned that up well. I used it on my file cabinet. It is metal and did a great job cleaning it up.


I used it once to wash my windows, esp. the crayons that were colored on it. I cleaned picture frames, and shelves, you name it try it and find out what works for you. You don’t even have to use a cleaner. Use it on your appliances too. See what you think.


Tip #5: I have used the Magic Erasers to remove black scuff marks off my WHITE cowboy boots! Worked great!!!


Tip #6: Cigarette burns in formica type desktop! They took some time some rubbing, that’s it. No cleaners, no grinding sanding, scuffing, scraping.


Tip #7: I have 3-year-old twins who seem to find pens, crayons, markers, etc., and color on the walls and doors. This eraser takes it all off easily. It even removed black permanent marker from my bathroom counter top. I also use it to clean the doors (they are white) baseboards, and anything else I can.


Tip #8: With a 6 1/2 yo and a 22 mo, I’m constantly using my Magic Erasers (I buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club)…I’ve used them on the walls for crayons (works much better than the Crayon Off from Crayola), I also use it on my white board calendar (it does a much better job than the “eraser” that came with the board and doesn’t damage the surface of the board) and the most amazing thing I’ve used it on is the antique mahogany bed and dresser in my daughter’s room.


She had gotten craft paint and marker on both and the Magic eraser took both off of both pieces and didn’t damage the antique finish at all.


Tip #9: Magic Eraser is the best thing that I have come across. I had an old wedding cake knife that I needed to use for my step-daughter’s wedding this past weekend, and I had tried to get the tarnish off with Tarn-X and that got most of it off, but there was one stubborn area on the knife that just wouldn’t come clean, so I decided to try the Magic Eraser.


Much to my surprise it not only took the tarnish off, but it also shined it. It is by far the best all around cleaning tool that I have come across.


Tip #10: We live in a VERY old house and the tub is an original cast iron one. The finish is mostly gone off of it and it is a pill to clean. I have discovered if I take Magic Eraser and run around the water line when my bath is over, I can postpone the multi-hours of cleaning that it takes to get it clean. This alone has been almost a lifesaver for me – and definitely a back saver.


Tip #11: I’ve used the Magic Erasers just about everywhere you can imagine. I was most impressed when I used it on our boat. Inside and out, it worked great and took stuff off that I just knew would never come off. The boat is snow white, so it’s pretty hard to keep clean, but they work wonders. Also, they work wonderful on leather seats too.


We used them on my husband’s pickup (which he uses for work out in the field) and it looked brand new. It takes coffee stains out of white countertops, grease and grime off of the stove, cleans up shoes, takes bugs and tar off of cars, the list goes on and on.


Something that I’ve found that helps them last longer for me: I cut them in half. Since I only use one end of them when I clean, I started cutting them in half before I use them. They seem to last longer for me. I can clean something really grimy with half of one instead of dirtying up the whole thing.


Tip #12: We have hard water in our area, and the Magic Eraser has been the only cleaner that can get the residue off of our glass shower door. We squeegee it every time we use the shower, but the residue still collects. The eraser takes the residue right off.


Tip #13: I am a custodian for a large church and use Magic Erasers for everything. At home, I have found that they are great for cleaning wood, especially around door handles and frames, and the top wooden step of my stairs.


Tip #14: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are my new favorite cleaning tool. I found that I can use these sponges to clean off my stainless steel finish appliances in the kitchen.


After wiping them off with the sponge, I use a soft towel to dry them for a nice, shiny look. This also works for stainless sinks.


This has saved me a lot of money because I no longer have to buy expensive bottles of stainless steel polish…Chris


Tip #15: I clean all my kitchen countertops. Amazing how clean they look after I am done. Great product…Rose


Tip #16: I have a wall sconce that holds a candle in it and the candle tipped over causing there to be a large soot spot on the wall.


I tried everything and thought I was going to have to paint. As a last resort I tried the eraser and 5 minutes later you couldn’t tell there had ever been a spot there…Brooke


Tip #17: I bought baby blue microfiber tennis shoes. I have found that all I have to do to clean them is use my magic eraser and they always look brand new…Carolyn


Tip #18: We have wood laminate floors and there always seems to be spots of something on them that just won’t come off, even when I use the acetone as it suggests.


The acetone is so stinky but all the manufacturers of this wood laminate flooring say that’s what you should use.


Anyway, last night we were trying to remove some monster glue from the laminate and I scrubbed and scrubbed with the acetone and it just wouldn’t come up. My husband said why don’t you try the Magic Eraser, and sure enough, in 3 rubs, it was GONE! These sponges truly are MAGIC!!…Cindy


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  1. Straight from the manufacturer’s web site: “Not recommended for the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel appliances, non-stick coating or vehicle body.”


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