Removing Hair Dye Stains on Fiberglass Bathtub

Q: Can hair dye stains be removed from a fiberglass tub?

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A: Try these things in this order. If the first one doesn’t do it, try the next. The trouble with these fiberglass tubs is their surface is porous and they do hold stains more easily than ceramic tubs/showers.


1. Soft Scrub with bleach. Leave this on for 20 minutes or so. Keeping it moist with some water if it dries out. Rub with terry type wash cloth. Not a sponge. The cloth provides more friction.


The reason Soft Scrub with bleach is good is that the creaminess of Soft Scrub holds the bleach ON the stain whereas plain bleach would just trickle down the drain.


2. ZUD or Bar Keeper’s Friend. These are the same product/different names. You sprinkle it on and with a moistened terry cloth can begin rubbing the stain right away.


3. Sol U Mel might work. It doesn’t work on everything but I’ve heard some amazing stories about it. We use it to make a tile floor smell and feel really clean in a home with big dogs.


The most amazing story I’ve heard about it was a man took a 30 year old stain out of an upholstered chair with it. I put it in my washing machine when I clean rags sometimes for an extra clean feel and smell…DeeLorra


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