Complete Guide to Preserving Herbs

guide to preserving herbs

If you love to garden, then you likely have herbs planted along with your vegetables. There’s nothing like the flavor or scent of fresh herbs. Growing herbs to use for cooking in homemade teas is one of my favorite things. Here are my best tips for preserving herbs.

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Harvesting Herbs


Harvest in the morning of a hot and dry day–wait until the dew is off the plants.


Snip off the top growth–about 6 inches of stem below the flower buds.



Drying Herbs


If the leaves are clean, don’t wash them–oils are lost in the washing process.  If they are dusty, wash briefly under cold water.


Shake off excess water and hang the herbs, tied in small bunches, in the sun until the water evaporates.


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Hang the bunches (upside down) in a warm, dry place that is well ventilated and free from strong light.  To prevent dust from accumulating, put them in a brown paper bag that you’ve punched some holes in to increase circulation.


If you don’t hang them up, remove the stems and dry them on baking sheets, window screens covered with clear sheeting or cheesecloth, or even on a towel.


You can also dry herbs in a food dryer.  For the best flavor, the temperature in the dryer should stay under 105 degrees F. I use a large 9-tray Excalibur food dehydrator to dry all of my fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Storing Herbs


Leaves may be crushed before they are stored away, but they retain their oils better if they are kept whole and crushed right before they are used.


Herbs should be stored in a cool place, out of strong light, either in dark glass jars, in tins, or behind cabinet e-mail box every Fridays. It’s best to throw them out after a year and restock with new ones.



Freezing Herbs


Blanch herbs before freezing them.  Hold them by their stems with tongs and dip them in boiling water briefly, swishing them around a little.  When their color brightens, remove them from the water.  Blot dry with towels.  Remove the stems, chop if you wish, or leave the leaves whole. 


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Lay the dried herbs out in a single layer on wax paper and roll or fold the paper so there is a layer of paper separating each layer of herbs.  Then pack, paper and all, in freezer bags or wrap in freezer-rated plastic wrap.  To use, break off as much as you need and use frozen.  You can also thaw them out in the refrigerator–they will keep for about a week.


You can freeze individual portions of herbs by making ice cubes out of them.  Prepare your herbs by removing the stems and chopping, and then pack them into ice cube trays.  Cover with boiling water (to blanch them) and freeze.  When frozen, remove the cubes from the trays and store in freezer bags.


preserving herbs


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