How to Make Tea Bags

How to make your own tea bags from fresh dried herbs.

DIY Tea Bags


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I have been doing a lot to work on food storage and have been learning many different ways to preserve and can many kinds of foods. As a tea lover, one of the things that really intrigued me was making my own tea bags.


I didn’t actually MAKE my own tea bags, but you can buy the pre-made tea bags very inexpensively from Amazon and then fill them to make your own tea.


They are so inexpensive I didn’t think it was worth it to try to make my own. It is fun just filling them with homemade tea.


So where to start? When making your own tea bags, first you need to find some tea to put in them.


If you don’t have a garden or access to plants or flowers to dry, then you can probably find bulk teas to put in your tea bags, and it will save you some money by making your own tea bags.


If you have a garden, then you can really have fun making your own tea. Last year I grew lemon balm and spearmint in my garden.


I dry the leaves in my Excalibur dehydrator and then crush them with an old coffee grinder that I just use for grinding herbs.


I also save and dry leaves from my raspberry bushes. If you are able to go scavenging out in the country, you may be able to find things like rose hips and elderberries to dry to add to your tea.


You can also add things like whole cloves and small cinnamon sticks.


I don’t worry too much about measuring the herbs when I make my teas. I really like the flavor of the rose hips, so my teas have a lot of rose hips in them.


Rose hips are full of vitamin C and also have a really mild, sweet flavor that doesn’t require extra sweetening.


If you are looking for some good tea recipes and more information on how to grow herbs to make tea, check out:



Last fall I had a lot of fun making homemade tea bags and giving some away as Christmas presents.


The tea bags I got on Amazon are very easy to use. Just fill them with your herbs, fold down the top, and then place a staple in it to hold it closed. I store mine in an airtight jar.


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How to make your own tea bags from fresh dried herbs.

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