4 Creative Fence Decor Ideas

Four fence decorating ideas for your backyard. Some of my favorite creative fence decor!

If you are looking for ways to decorate your yard for spring, consider decorating your backyard fence with creative fence displays. Here are four DIY ideas to get you started.

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Bird House Display

One way to add a bit of whimsy to your backyard is to display small bird houses on your fence. You can purchase unpainted bird houses for $1 at Michael’s and other craft stores.

Just paint the bird houses with craft paint, and spray a clear sealer on them to help protect them from the weather. Group three to five bird houses together and hang them on your fence.

To create an easy hanger for the bird houses, just nail a tab off a soda can to the back of each bird house. The tabs make great hangers for hanging them on your fence.

Flower Pot Display

Flower pots can be displayed similar to the bird houses described above. Buy small inexpensive clay pots and paint them with your favorite spring colors.

They can also be sprayed with a clear sealer to protect them from the elements.

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To hang the pots on the fence you can purchase special hangers online that screw to the fence. They are clips that clip on to your flower pot, firmly holding it in place.

Arrange pots singly or in groups. Purchase these Flower Pot Klips (12 Pack) from Amazon. Here 

Marble Fence

You may have seen photos of the “marble fence” circulating around Pinterest during the past year.

This is a relatively simple DIY project, and results in a very unique fence that will be sure to be the topic of many conversations.


To make your own marble fence, you will need a drill with a variety of sizes of drill bits, a rubber mallet, and a selection of colored marbles.

Make sure the marbles are the kind you can see through. You want the sun to be able shine through them.

Choose a drill bit that looks to be the size of one of your marbles and make a test hole in the fence. Gently tap a marble into the hole with the rubber mallet.

Marbles should be firmly set in the fence. Check your marbles and see if they are all the same size or if you will need drill bits of different sizes.

Marbles of different sizes create a more varied look in the finished result.

Place marbles in a variety of places on the fence until you are happy with the placement. This marble fence looks quite remarkable when the sun light shines through the marbles.

The look will change throughout the day as the position of the sun changes.

Mason Jar Lanterns

Mason jars make great DIY lanterns that you can hang on your backyard fence for parties or family get togethers.

Just attach a wire or chain to the metal ring that goes around the top of the mason jar for hanging. Screw a hanger or hook of some kind to the fence and then hang the mason jar from the hook.


Fill the bottom of the mason jar with an inch or so of clean sand and place a votive or tea light candle inside.

When updating your outdoor decor, don’t neglect to consider your backyard fence. There are many ways you can give your old fence new life, all you need are a little inspiration and imagination.

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Four fence decorating ideas for your backyard. Some of my favorite creative fence decor!

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  1. I love the idea about the marbles in the fence, the flower pots and the bird houses. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my fence. How to make it look better. So much wasted space, looks too plain. Thank you for these ideas. Going to the craft & $1 store to look for marbles. Can’t wait for Spring. Come on March. Sincerely Rene’e H.


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