Guide for Planting Wisteria

Wisteria is a woody, deciduous climber that is very invasive. It is known for its vigorous growth as well as its fragrant eye-catching flowers. Depending on the variety, the flowers come in a large range of colors, including red, lavender, white and blue. Although some gardeners avoid Wisteria due to its invasive nature, if you follow the guide below you will find that it can be one of the most beautiful plants in your garden.

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Site Selection

Wisteria can have runners up to 10 feet in length per year; because of this selecting the right location is very important. It will perform the best when planted in full sun with moist well drained soil. Before planting, you must also determine how you are going to train your Wisteria.

When and How to Plant Wisteria

Planting Wisteria in the spring of fall will produce the best results. To begin dig a hole just as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. For poor soil, mix a small amount of compost in to the removed soil. Place the plant in the hole and back fill with the soil and compost mix. Firm the soil gentle to remove any air pockets and watering thoroughly to establish. To finish, support with a sturdy post or trellis.

Caring for Wisteria

In the spring, a light application of fertilizer will improve growth. Discontinue fertilization after plant is established. Due to its invasive nature pruning is necessary. Once it has reached its desired height, prune the top shoots to encourage side growth. Then train the side shoots onto your trellis or post. Once it has reached full size prune unwanted growth of to reshape.

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