Planting and Care for Buddleia (Butterfly Bush)

Tips for growing butterfly bushes in your garden. Butterfly Bush planting and care.

Buddleia, also known as, ‘butterfly bush’, is one of the most beautiful and easiest flowers to care for. The blooms may be purple, white, pink, or red and appear in late summer. The leaves are gray-green and range from 4-10” long and are 1-3” wide.

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Even though butterfly bushes are an easy plant to grow, if you follow the tips below, you will greatly improve the bloom.


Site Selection


Although caring for a Buddleia may be easy, it is important to plant your butterfly bush in the right spot. Buddleia will grow in almost any soil and prefer full sun to light shade.


‘Butterfly Bush’ will perform best in moist, well drained soil. Planting Buddleia in a spot that in protected in the winter will also improve the bloom.


Easy tips for caring for and pruning butterfly bushes.


When and How to Plant Butterfly Bushes


Planting a ‘Butterfly Bush’ is best done in spring or fall. Depending on the variety, place the plants between 5 and 10 feet apart.


After you have selected the site, prepare the bed by tilling the soil to a depth of 12” mixing in a combination of peat moss and compost.


Then dig the hole about twice as large as the root ball. Set the plant in the hole so that the top of the root ball is even with the soil.


Carefully replace the soil and firm the soil. Water the plant thoroughly before applying a light layer of mulch.


Caring for Butterfly Bushes


In the spring, a light application of fertilizer will ensure a stronger bloom. Once the plant has taken hold in your garden it will require almost no maintenance.


Removing the spent flowers will encourage additional blooms throughout the bloom period.


In most areas, it will die back to the ground during winter and bloom from the current year’s growth. If it does not die back in your region it can be pruned back to the ground by hand.


Butterfly bush should be transplanted during the winter dormant season for best results. Buddleia is generally pest resistant with the exception of spider mites during stress.


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Tips for growing butterfly bushes in your garden. Butterfly Bush planting and care.

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  1. I didn’t know a lot about them. Did plant in California and had great success. Now in the mid-west and want that beauty again. Maybe I’ll wait till spring though. Winters can be brutal.


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