Removing Armpit Odors from Shirts

Tip #1: Use about a cup of white vinegar in the rinse cycle of your washing machine. You can even put the vinegar directly on the stain (I would probably only do this on cottons).

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Tip #2: I’ve tried all the “apply and let it sit” suggestions.. it doesn’t work. You really need to rub it in. This is the only thing I’ve found that works: wet the area.

Sprinkle on Oxy-clean (no, the spray one doesn’t work). Grasp the body of the shirt with one hand and the arm with the other – with the armpit section in the area between your hands – bring your two fists together and scrub the fabric against itself.

If you’re doing several shirts, you may want to use gloves to protect your hands. I’ve used this on all types of fabrics and the shirts are good as new (and smell great!).

I was worried that they’d lose color or wear out but I’ve been cleaning them this way for about a year and it’s worked well.

It’s the only thing that does. Need all 3 (heat, abrasion, and chemistry) to get through the waxy buildup and odor…Mary


Tip #3: Use any mechanics hand cleaner, Gojo brand works well. Rub into the fabric, allow 12 hours to completely deodorize the area, then wash. This method works well on thongs as well as armpit odor in shirts…Libby

Tip #4: OK. So really scrubbing the fabric against itself is a great way to remove lots of stains, etc., but I don’t like to do it. My kids’ (high schoolers=real smelly) synthetic athletic jerseys and school uniform shirts smell awful (not to mention pads and gloves).

After trying many products and many methods my 92-year-old grandmother told me to “just use baking soda…it gets most stuff out.” She was right. I wet the armpit area thoroughly and sprinkled on a good amount of baking soda.

I let it sit for a while and then washed them. I could still smell the sweaty smell a little, but it was gone enough that the garments could be worn. Next time, I did it again, also with no rubbing; the odor was gone.

Now I know that you want to only do this chore once but actually not having to touch the ickiness was worth two tries for me. Now I use a laundry spray on the pit area with each wash and thus far it’s all good…Lee

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