Miracle Spot Remover

The best DIY laundry spot remover! Truly a miracle spot remover!

Throughout the years I have tried many methods of removing stains from clothing. This homemade spot remover really does the job, and it is very inexpensive and easy to make.

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To make this spot and stain remover you will need:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Blue Dawn dish washing liquid
  • Baking soda (optional)


This solution is something you want to make when you need it. You can’t store it because the hydrogen peroxide loses its effectiveness when it is exposed to light.


When you have a stubborn spot you want to remove, make a paste of 1 part Dawn dishwashing liquid, and 2 parts hydrogen peroxide. Add a little baking soda to make a paste.


The baking soda isn’t essential, you can also just use the liquid soap and hydrogen peroxide. The baking soda just adds a little extra cleaning and scrubbing power.


You don’t even have to mix it together before you apply it to the stain. Often I just pour everything directly on the stain and rub it in. This solution works best if you scrub it in to the fabric and let it sit for at least an hour before you wash it.


This stain remover works great for removing yellow underarm stains from clothing.


I haven’t found anything else that will even touch these stubborn stains, and this works wonders. It truly is a miracle spot remover.


I also used it to remove blood stains from a pillow case, even after I washed and dried the pillow case. The tougher the stain, the longer you should let the solution set on it before you wash it.


If it doesn’t all come out the first time, it should come out completely on the next application. You won’t have this problem with light stains, but more stubborn stains take a little more work to come out. I did, however, get my stains to come out completely. I was amazed.


You might wonder if this solution is safe on colored clothing. I have used the hydrogen peroxide safely on colored clothing without it lightening the clothing. You probably wouldn’t want to let the solution sit on colored clothing for hours at a time, however, before washing, just in case.


You might also wonder if you can use another brand of dishwashing liquid. I haven’t tried another brand myself, but it wouldn’t hurt to try another one. I used the Blue Dawn because it is relatively inexpensive and highly recommended for a variety of household homemade cleaning products.


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This homemade spot remover really does the job, and it is very inexpensive and easy to make. Removes yellow underarm stains, blood stains, and more.

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  1. I use this on my infant’s shirts for milk and poop stains. It works even after I have washed and dried the shirts several times! I hang his clothes in the sun to super whiten after using this stain remover as well.


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