How to Freeze Eggs

How to freeze raw eggs for later use. includes an easy tip for freezing raw eggs in ice cube trays!

If you have extra eggs on hand, whether you found a great sale or you have your own chickens and extra eggs to spare, then consider freezing them! Eggs can be stored in the freezer for up to a year and thawed when you need them.

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Who knew you could freeze eggs? I sure didn’t. People have actually been doing it for years. Back in the day when people raised their own chickens, there was often the problem of too many eggs and the necessity to find a way to preserve them.


I recently found bulk eggs on sale at a local grocery wholesaler for 15 dozen eggs for $15. I couldn’t pass it up.


There are several ways you can freeze eggs, you can even freeze them in ice cube trays!




How to Freeze Raw Eggs for Later Use


You can’t freeze eggs whole. Depending on what you are going to use them for later, you can freeze just the whites, yolks, or you can blend them together and freeze them in recipe sized portions.


In the fall and winter months I am often baking banana and zucchini bread for bake sales and to give as gifts. During this time I go through a lot of eggs. It takes 4 eggs to make 2 loaves of bread. If I freeze eggs in containers of 4 eggs each, then I just have to thaw out one container of eggs in order to prepare a recipe.


I got these great 8 oz. freezer containers from Amazon. They are the perfect size for freezing 4 eggs at a time. You can freeze your eggs in any type of freezer container, however.


Break the eggs in a bowl first. Make sure to discard any eggs that contain any blood spots or that have an unpleasant odor.


Gently whisk the eggs together, taking care not to beat them too hard. You don’t want to incorporate air into the eggs before you freeze them.


To keep your eggs from becoming “gummy” when they are thawed, add 1 tbsp. sugar per 12 eggs. Or that would also be 1 tsp. for every 4 eggs.


I prepared 12 eggs at a time and then divided it among 3 8-oz. freezer containers.


Label your freezer containers with the contents and the date. These freezer labels are very easy and convenient to use. You can store eggs in the freezer for up to one year.


To thaw, place in the refrigerator the day before you need them, and make sure to use them the next day. If you are in a hurry, you can thaw them by holding the container under cold running water until they have thawed. Do not re-freeze eggs that have been previously frozen.


When you go to use the eggs for a recipe, 1 to 1/2 tbsp. frozen yolks = 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp. liquid egg white = 1 egg white, and 3 tbsp. yolks and white = 1 whole egg.


How to Freeze Eggs in Ice Cube Trays


If you want to freeze eggs in smaller portions or don’t have freezer containers, freeze the eggs in ice cube trays. Remove the frozen cubes from the trays and store in ziploc freezer bags.


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How to freeze raw eggs for later use. includes an easy tip for freezing raw eggs in ice cube trays!

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