Easter Peeps Cake

Three layer peeps cake for Easter.

This year I was looking for a fun decorated peeps cake to make for Easter. I am not an expert cake maker by any stretch of the imagination so I wanted to find a cake that was really easy to make.

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You can make this peeps cake either with a boxed cake mix or with your favorite homemade cake recipe. This cake looks like a three layer cake, but it is actually six layers.


I made this cake using just 8-inch cake pans. I used three box cake mixes to make the six cake layers. If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased this set of cake pans instead, that includes an 8-inch pan, a 6-inch pan, and a 4-inch pan. You can cut the layers down to size yourself, but there is a downside to doing that. I will share why when I get to that step.


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Peeps Cake Recipe


  • 3 boxes cake mix (I used vanilla)
  • 3 containers frosting (I used cherry)
  • 6 boxes peeps* (two for each cake tier)


*You will need two regular sized boxes of peeps for each cake tier. I used a different color for each tier, so I bought two boxes of each color of peeps.


This cake is three tiers made of six layers, if that makes sense. The cake looks like three layers but I wanted the cake to be a bit taller than it would normally be so each tier of the cake is actually two layers. You will need two 8-inch round layers, two 6-inch round layers, and two 4-inch round layers. Prepare the cake mixes as directed on the packages and cool the cakes on wire cooling racks.


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After the cakes have cooled, you are ready to frost them. It is best to frost and decorate the cake right before you serve it. This cake is too tall to fit into regular cake storage containers. If you want to make the cake ahead of time, you can wrap the cake layers in plastic wrap and freeze them until you are ready to frost the cake. You also don’t want the peeps to dry out if the cake sits too long before serving.


If you didn’t purchase the three different sizes of cake pans for the cake layers, you can cut them yourself by placing something round like a small plate or tupperware lid on the cake and using a sharp knife to cut down the cake layers to the desired sizes. You want to end up with two 8-inch circles, two 6-inch circles, and two 4-inch circles.


Aluminum Round Cake Pans, 3-Piece Set with 8-Inch, 6-Inch and 4-Inch Cake PansAluminum Round Cake Pans, 3-Piece Set with 8-Inch, 6-Inch and 4-Inch Cake PansAluminum Round Cake Pans, 3-Piece Set with 8-Inch, 6-Inch and 4-Inch Cake Pans


The reason I don’t recommend cutting down the cakes unless you absolutely have to is because you will probably have a hard time frosting the cake. If you try to spread frosting on the edges of cake layers that have been cut, the frosting will not spread smoothly. If the edges of the layers are smooth, the frosting will go on much easier and the cake will not crumble as easily.


The nice thing about this cake, however, is that it is very forgiving. You are going to have peeps all around the edges of the cake, so the frosting does not have to look perfect. The only frosting you will really see is on the very top of the cake.


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So place a thin layer of frosting between each layer and place the two 8-inch layers on the bottom, then the 6-inch layers, then the 4-inch layers. Spread a thin layer of frosting around all the outside edges of the cake.


Line the peeps up around the outside edges of the cake. I used a different color for each layer. The peeps should be touching each other. You shouldn’t be able to see the cake in between the peeps.


That’s it! See the photos to see how my cake turned out. There are so many possibilities with this cake. You could put jelly beans on top of the cake, or anything else you can think of as a finishing touch.


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Easy decorated peeps cake for Easter.



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