Top 9 Fairy Garden Houses on Amazon

Top 9 fairy garden houses that you can order today from Amazon to accessorize your fairy garden or miniature garden.

I just love fairy gardens and miniature gardens, both indoors and outdoors. When someone doesn’t know what to get for me for my birthday or Mother’s Day, one of the suggestions I always have is to buy me something for my fairy garden. And fairy garden houses are my favorite. 


One of the great things about fairy gardens is that you can change them with the seasons. I love changing out the miniature fairies, animals, miniature fairy houses, and other fairy accessories with the seasons. It’s a fun hobby that I know a lot of people share.


See Today’s List of Best Fairy Houses


One of the key features of the best fairy gardens is the fairy garden house. The fairy house should be the central focus of the garden.


If you are wondering where to buy fairy houses, Amazon offers many quality fairy houses and fairy house kits to choose from, it’s hard to pick a favorite! These fairy garden houses would make a great gift for the fairy garden lover, gardener, or miniature gardening enthusiast in your life.


✅ Miniature Fairy Garden River Birch Tree House


This fairy garden birch tree house is a favorite with Amazon customers.  It features a log cabin style house perched on an old oak tree and a door that opens and closes. The cottage measures 9″ tall x 5″ wide x 10″ deep, including stairs.


✅ Miniature Enchanted Cottage Gnome Hobbit Fairy (Stone House)


This stone fairy house features a stone exterior and a roof made from bark, perfect for nature lovers. It measures 4.5″ tall by 4″ in diameter.


Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Red Mushroom Fairy House


This mushroom shaped fairy house is made from resin and hand painted. It measures 4.5″ inches in height. Many Amazon customers also purchase this fairy garden fish pond kit to go with this fairy house.


The Adorable Believe Fairy Garden House – (with Doors that Open)


This adorable fairy cottage has doors that actually open. The windows are trimmed with a flower and vine trim. This cottage is hand painted and measures 8.25″ in height by 7.25″ in width. Many Amazon customers purchase this 6 piece fairy swing set to go with this cottage.


Fairy Garden House – Mini Ivy Cottage 7″ Tall


This mini cottage is made of durable resin and can be used both in inside and outside fairy gardens.



This cottage features carved stone, shuttered windows, and measures 7″ tall, 4″ wide, and 4″ deep, and each cottage is hand carved and hand painted.


✅ Fairy Garden House Kit – Miniature Fairies & Accessories


This fairy garden house kit features a house that is a tree stump shaped like a tea pot and also comes with two fairies. The house is hollow so you can place a tealight in it to light it up. All items are made of long lasting resin and are hand painted.


✅ Patio Eden – Fairy Garden House Set – Hand Painted


This fairy garden house kit is also hand carved and hand painted.  The cottage is in the shape of a windmill and comes with a bench with a fairy seated on it. The house stands 8″ tall x 4″ wide and the bench measures 2.5″ tall x 3″ wide.


✅ Mini Fairy Garden LED Lighted Fairy Cottage w/ Doors that Open


This fairy house is made of high quality resin and is hand painted. You can display this fairy cottage indoors or outdoors, and it’s also a great starter kit for your fairy garden.


This cottage comes with a battery operated LED light that will light up the fairy house with a soft cozy glow. This is one of the only LED fairy houses I’ve seen. Perfect for fairy lovers or fairy garden enthusiasts.


✅ Miniature Fairy Garden Ivy House


This ivy covered fairy garden cottage would make a lovely accent for any fairy garden. It features a hinged door that opens and closes.


✅ Pretmanns Fairy Garden House Kit – Miniature Accessories & Furniture


This adorable fairy garden house kit features a cottage that has a door that opens and miniature hand painted furniture. The set includes a Mini Bedroom Set, a Mini Bathroom Set and a Mini Living Room Set.


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Top 9 fairy garden houses that you can order today from Amazon to accessorize your fairy garden or miniature garden.


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