How to Keep Lucky Bamboo Alive (Lucky Bamboo Care)

Lucky bamboo care and tips. How to care for lucky bamboo in water arrangements.

How Do You Take Care of a Lucky Bamboo Plant?


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Lucky Bamboo is surprisingly easy to take care of and keep alive. Keep it where it is warm (preferably indoors away from direct sunlight) and give it lots of water (distilled, boiled and cooled water, spring water…etc).


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I don’t have a GREEN THUMB so it’s like a fish…I just popped a curly Lucky Bamboo into a Lucky Bamboo vase, filled it up to the brim with water and forget about it! It is THRIVING like crazy!


What is the Best Fertilizer for Lucky Bamboo?


If you want to give your bamboo some fertilizer, you can buy a fertilizer that’s just for lucky bamboo.


Super Green Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer (3 Bottles) Ready-to-use All Purpose Plant FoodSuper Green Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer (3 Bottles) Ready-to-use All Purpose Plant FoodSuper Green Lucky Bamboo Fertilizer (3 Bottles) Ready-to-use All Purpose Plant Food


Why is My Bamboo Stem Turning Yellow?


Take off all the yellow. It will just rot if you don’t. Make sure your bamboo is not in the sun and that it has plenty of water. Don’t use tap water with chlorine on your bamboo and change the water at least once a month. The yellowing will show up more often if the plant is in a location that is hot or too sunny.


You can cut off the yellow stem. It is also recommended that if you use tap water that it should set at least 24 hours before watering your plants.


Lucky bamboo care and tips. How to care for lucky bamboo in water arrangements.


Yellowing can be due to too much direct light, or a disease which will kill the plant. Remove all yellowing. If there is yellowed stalk, separate the stalk from the other plants. It will spread to them.


You also need to make sure to wash the container they are in regularly about once a month, especially if some to the stalks have turned yellow.


Does Lucky Bamboo Need Direct Sunlight?


If you are trying to figure out where in the house to put your lucky bamboo, lucky bamboo prefers indirect sunlight rather over direct sunlight. Too much sun can burn your plant and damage the leaves. It does need some light, however, just don’t place it in a window.


Can I Use Miracle Grow on Lucky Bamboo?


I found out the hard way, do NOT put Miracle Grow in the water. My plant turned yellow from it. Try this fertilizer that’s made just for lucky bamboo instead.


What Do I Do if My Lucky Bamboo is Too Tall?


To trim your bamboo, determine the height you want it to remain, and using a sharp knife, cut the ‘pole’ just above the sprout. Then place the cutting into water and begin a new plant! Remember, sprouts will continue to grow out from the top of your original plant, so you may have to trim again down the road.


As for the roots, you can certainly trim off larger ones (a few at a time right at the base) or trim down the length of some of the smaller ones, whichever is easier for you. It is very hard to damage these wonderful plants.


How to Plant Lucky Bamboo in Soil


If you do decide to plant your bamboo in soil, remember to always keep the soil damp. However if the stem or leaves turn yellow, you must remove the stalk at once since that individual stalk plant may be infected. This is why growing it in water is better than growing it in soil. You can clean rocks, you can’t clean soil.


How to Shape Lucky Bamboo


If you want to take the time to train it, put the bamboo in a greenhouse or room where light comes from only ONE side. The bamboo will naturally grow towards the light. You can then periodically rotate the bamboo around until it forms a spiral. It is a labor intensive process though.


Lucky Bamboo and Betta Fish?


People ask if it is safe to put betta fish in with your lucky bamboo plant. Yes, in fact, it is! The fish will help fertilize your plant. They co-exist well together!


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    1. Hi! I have not tried that but it is my understanding that you can grow lucky bamboo in soil as long as you keep the soil very wet, because the lucky bamboo needs the extra moisture.


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