3 DIY Hanging Flower Pot Ideas

Creative ideas for decorating your backyard fence with DIY flower and herb planters.

If you’re looking for ways to add more visual appeal to your backyard, then consider decorating your garden or backyard fence with these easy DIY outdoor plant pot hangers and hanging flower pot ideas.

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There are so many fence flowers ideas for making a hanging planter for a fence! You can hang one pot or an entire herb garden in just a few simple steps.


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How to Hang a Flower Pot


Have you ever considered hanging a flower pot on your fence? Interested but don’t know how to hang a pot? Plant pot hooks are really inexpensive, easy to use and install, and really add visual appeal to your patio or backyard.


You may not have found flower pots with hooks or plant pots to hang on the fence at the store, but you can easily order them online. To hang the pots on the fence you can purchase special hangers online that screw to the fence.


These hangers are clips that clip on to your flower pot, firmly holding it in place. Arrange pots singly or in groups. Purchase these Flower Pot Klips (10 Pack) from Amazon.

10 Pack Plant Pot Latch Hangers, Holds 3.510 Pack Plant Pot Latch Hangers, Holds 3.5″ to 8″ Standard Terra Cotta Clay Flower Pot (Black)10 Pack Plant Pot Latch Hangers, Holds 3.5


They have a clip on them to firmly secure your pot. You can take your pot down or replace it with a new one at any time.


Hang several pots spaced out down the length of your fence, or group small pots together in one place.


Creative ideas for decorating your backyard fence, including DIY instructions for hanging a flower pot on your fence.


During hot weather, make sure pots get enough water. You will probably have to water them at least once a day.


If you can’t find a pot you like, just paint the pots the color of your choice. Find some outdoor paint in a color you like and paint some inexpensive terra cotta pots.


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Paint the base of the pot and the remainder of the pot different colors for a nice color contrast.


You may not have known that terracotta pot hanging clips were even a thing!


Paint Can Planter


This is another fun DIY project. To make a planter out of a paint can, just pick up a couple of empty paint cans at your local home improvement store. You can also recycle an old paint can to make fence pots for plants.


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Using outdoor paint, paint the can the colors of your choice.


Easy idea for painting a paint can to use as a flower pot.


Use stencils to write words on the cans, or use masking tape to create lines on the can or to use as a dividing line to paint the can more than one color. This is a great project for kids, who will love creating these DIY fence planters!


Use a drill to place several small holes in the bottom of the can for drainage.


How to Attach Pots to Fence


Use hooks like this one to hang your flower pot paint can on the fence.

Hanging Plant Hook 6Hanging Plant Hook 6″ – BlackHanging Plant Hook 6



Use a drill to put the hook on the fence and then plant your favorite plants in your new planter.


DIY Herb Garden


Lattice Hanging Planter


Another way to hang pots on a fence is by using a piece of lattice to hang the pots from. Cut a piece of lattice to the desired size (painting it first, if desired), and screw it to the fence to make a lattice planter.


To create a DIY herb garden, buy some inexpensive lightweight plastic pots (make sure they have a “lip” at the top of them). Fill the pots with potting soil and add your herb plants to your fence planter.


Hook Flower Pot


Use “s” hooks like these to hang the pots on the lattice. Hook one end of the “s” hook to the lip of the pot and the other end of the hook to the lattice.


S Hooks Stainless Heavy Duty Hold 40 Pounds Black Finish Steel Pan Pot Holder Hanging HooksS Hooks Stainless Heavy Duty Hold 40 Pounds Black Finish Steel Pan Pot Holder Hanging HooksS Hooks Stainless Heavy Duty Hold 40 Pounds Black Finish Steel Pan Pot Holder Hanging Hooks



Depending on the size of your pot, you might want to use two “s” hooks per pot for added security for your lattice plant hanger.


Hanging plants on lattice is a great way to keep your yard fresh!  These planters are fun because you can move them around and change the look of them.


These pots will dry out quickly so make sure to water them daily during hot summer months.


Don’t look at your fence as just a boundary between your yard and your neighbor’s yard. Look at it as an opportunity to free up space in your garden or on your patio, adding more color and interest to your yard.


Easy DIY idea for hanging a painted flower pot on a fence.


Hanging Pots on a Trellis


If you are wanting to hang plants on a trellis, “s” hooks also work great as trellis hooks for pots. These hooks are really convenient to move around on the trellis to get the look that you want.


These hanging flower pot ideas hopefully gave you some tips to get started on giving some more color to your backyard patio or fence. Enjoy!


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Creative ideas for decorating your backyard fence with DIY flower and herb planters.

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