Removing Rotten Meat Smell or Odor from the Freezer

Tip #1: I clean fridge or freezer that has rotten smells with either bleach or baking soda or vinegar, but also I remove the drip pan at the bottom of fridge/freezer either in the back or front at bottom as if the blood from the meat dripped down into it the smell will stay and only get worse. I cleaned out a fridge that had raw meat that got rotten in it and still it smelled bad till I pulled the drip pan out and cleaned it out really good. I keep an open box of baking soda in both the fridge and freezer at all times.

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Tip #2: Try placing a container of vinegar in the freezer. Leave the container open.

Tip #3: Put a large bowl or pan of kitty litter in the freezer and close it for a week. Be sure to use the kind that contains chlorophyll…the green stuff…not the clay type! This worked wonders for us!

Tip #4: Try a freshly opened can of coffee. This is what they use in the trucks that they haul animal hides in.

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Removing Rotten Meat Smell from the Freezer

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