How to Remove Rings from a Black Ceramic Stove Top

How to Clean a Black Stove Top


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Q: I have a black ceramic stove top, and the burners are getting dull rings around them. I can use my fingernail and it comes off, however this would take days to do.


I don’t want to scratch it, and everywhere else I have looked on the net give cleaning instructions for white topped stoves and then they say that black top stoves need to be cleaned differently, but do not tell you how.


I tried the company and they keep telling me my stoves model number doesn’t exist so they have been no help at all. Any ideas?


Tip #1: I am always cleaning either my stove or my sister’s or my mom’s and I use a little bit of salt sprinkled on it wait a few minutes and then use a baking soda paste with a washcloth and it will come off.


This way no harsh elements are used and afterwards for the sparkle and shine I spray a small bit of windex on a papertowel or dry cloth to wipe over it. Hope this works for you. Happy cleaning!!


Tip #2: A water/baking soda paste used with a dishcloth works wonderfully! They also sell a cleaner for the ceramic stove tops.


Tip #3: You could also try using a single edged razor and gently scrape the stovetop.


Tip #4: The Mr. Clean magic eraser works on my black glass stove top.


Tip #5: I use Barkeepers Friend. It has many uses. Usually available in the grocery store in the cleaning section.


Tip #6: I’ve found that the easiest way for me to keep all that cooked on mess cleaned up is to use Oven Cleaner.


Just spray it on and leave it set for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on how much of a mess you have to clean up.


If it dries out while its setting, spray it with a bit of water and using an old toothbrush, simply scrub all the mess away.


This has worked for me and never leaves a scratch, mess or residue. I hope it does the same for you. Good luck.


Tip #7: I also use a baking soda paste on my stove top. What I do is sprinkle on the baking soda, then put on an old cotton sock and wet it. Using the sock as a glove really helps get everything clean.


Tip #8: It’s a straight edge razor that will work every time. Then follow that up with Cerama Bryte, you’ll stove will shine for years! Good luck.


Tip #9: I found a product at HomeDepot for cleaning tough stains off glass called ‘Goof Off’. It’s a small yellow can about the size of lighter fluid can.


Most of the time just put this stuff on the cold stove top top and wait 20 seconds and it cleans off with a little rubbing with a paper towel.


For tougher dried out plastic, use a ‘Richard’s glass flat razor blade scraper again from Home Depot and scrape gently though the liquid.


Tip #10: I have one of those black stove tops too. When we got it they recommended using a straight edge, single blade razor to scrape off burnt on food to not damage the surface.


Works great for us! We use any of the ceramic stovetop cleaners too, but for the tough stuff, it’s the razor.


Tip #11: I also have a black ceramic cooktop, Some things you cannot use with the stove, it damages the enamel. Do not use anything with ammonia or bleach.


I have called to verify and have used Dawn’s Power Dissolver. I works great. Just leave it on any wipe away. The best part it doesn’t damage the cooktop. Good Luck.


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  1. I have what seems to be gray burn marks and scratches in the center of my burners. I have tried all suggestions. People just drag the pots and are not careful. I
    Anything else? Perhaps they could be buffed out gently with a small buffer. I had a white cooktop and went with stainless and black top. Never again. Cook and clean. Cook and clean. Repeat 2-3 times a day Help!!!


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