Removing Candle Wax from Carpet

Q: I am a massage therapist and we just got a brand new room! well one of our candles had melted and dripped all over the new carpet. There is small drips and also bigger pools. Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions for removing the candle wax from the carpet? Thank you for reading and your ideas!!!

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Tip #1: Put a clean cloth over the wax. Put an iron on a “low” setting (using an extension cord if needed), and iron over the cloth. The wax is supposed to stick to the cloth.


Tip #2: Scrape up as much as you can, then lay down a couple sheets of paper towel and run a warm iron over top. The wax will warm and stick to the paper towel. Replace the towel often till your done.



Tip #3: First use ice cubes to freeze the candle wax, making it easier to scrape most of it off. Then rather than using paper towels use a brown paper grocery bag cut apart into large squares.


Using an iron set on med low place the paper over the wax spot, barely touching the iron to the paper. Heat the area until you can see the wax “soaking” into the paper.


DO NOT use pressure and watch carefully. You don’t want to burn the carpet nor coat the iron face. Keep moving the bag paper to unused areas until the stain is all up or the paper is full. Afterwards use a good quality spray carpet cleaner following the manufacturers’ directions.


Tip #4: I did the same thing at our new house. I got an old towel that I cold throw out and used a hairdryer. While I used the hairdryer on it I would dab at the spot with the towel. All the wax came up and the carpet looked good as new.


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