Candy Corn Punch

This candy corn punch is really pretty and easy to make. It is the perfect drink to serve at fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween parties.

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Candy Corn Punch Recipe


  • Orange soda
  • Whipped cream in a can
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Candy corn for garnish


You need to start preparing this recipe several hours or the day before you want to serve it.



The pineapple chunks are what give the punch a yellow tint. Get out an empty ice cube tray and place a pineapple chunk into each empty cube. Fill up the remainder of the tray with pineapple juice from the can of pineapple, or you can also use orange juice.


You can prepare the punch when the pineapple cubes are completely frozen.


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It’s best to serve this punch in individual glasses. Fill each glass with orange soda. Place a frozen pineapple cube or two in each glass. Spray some whipped cream on top, and garnish with candy corns.


Note: The whipped cream will start to dissolve into the soda pretty quickly, so don’t prepare these until right before you are going to serve them.


These are a fun treat for kids and my boys really enjoyed them. I like that it is not only good for Halloween but can be served for Thanksgiving too.


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Easy recipe for candy corn punch. One of my favorite Halloween party drinks for kids!



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