How to Re-Grow Celery

Last year my kids and I had fun re-growing green onions. Recently I discovered that you can also re-grow celery! I am still in the middle of this little “experiment” but thought I would share the results with you so far.

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The next time you buy a bunch of celery at the grocery store, cut the celery stalks off the base of the celery with a sharp knife, leaving the base of the celery intact.

Place the base of the celery in a planter filled with potting soil, with the stalk ends sticking up just above the surface of the soil. If the danger of frost has passed, you can plant it directly in the garden. It is still too cold here, so I planted mine in a pot and put it on my kitchen counter.

If you try this experiment you will see that celery grows extremely slowly. It took almost three weeks for mine to re-grow about 3 inches. Now that it is starting to get sunny outside, it is sitting in the window soaking up the sun and growing a lot faster.

I read that it takes four months to grow a complete bunch of celery! It likes warm but not hot weather and lots of water. In a couple of weeks when it is time to plant my garden, I will be transplanting my baby celery plant to the garden and see how well it does there!

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Step-by-step instructions for re-growing celery from celery you bought at the grocery store.

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