How to Remove Fingernail Polish from a Microfiber Couch

Tip #1: My 17-month-old just spilled a whole bottle of red fingernail polish on my light tan micro-fiber couch…tried all the tips and then went and got my bottle of oxi-clean out of the laundry room, a toothbrush, a butter knife to scrape the dried parts with and a cloth…it came completely out!!!…Niki

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Tip #2: Spilled a bottle of dark red nail polish on my beige microfiber couch. First I tried nail polish remover…only smeared it around…then used Windex. Nothing happened.


Then I used some OxyClean and a toothbrush and scrubbed the spot, let is soak for 10 minutes and then cleaned it with warm soapy dish towel. Repeated several times. IT CAME OUT!! I could not believe it!…Alisha


Tip #3: Use either a white piece of terry cloth or another very absorbent fabric. Wet it with nail polish remover or acetone and press it onto the stain. Hold it there for a few seconds until the nail polish starts to soften.


Keep turning the rag and rewetting as needed, and blotting gently at the polish until it is removed. DO NOT RUB the stain…this will only spread it into a larger mess.


Once it is reduced to just a skim of polish, you can rub out the last of it…but very gently…you don’t want to rub out the surrounding dyes too.


Try this technique in a non-visible area before trying it on the stain, it may also lift the colour from the sofa. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing that’s going to work. I had the same problem years ago and nothing else will take out nail polish…Lynn


Tip #4: After you have tried what Lynn suggested, clean with some mild laundry detergent and rinse thoroughly and DRY. Then there is a product called “Hot Shot”.


(NOTE: Test in inconspicuous area first because I don`t know what your couch is made of.) It comes in a spray can that I believe is Dark Blue and Orange. Spray the HotShot on and it should almost disappear before your eyes. Can be repeated but I would clean the spot again after using it because it doesn`t smell the greatest, but works wonders.


It took Magic Marker out of MY couch and carpeting after my grandchildren scribbled on it! Another product that works well is OxyClean. I hear people say it doesn`t work but IT DOES! follow the directions. Neither of these products have EVER let me down. If one doesn`t do the trick to your satisfaction, more than likely, the other will. Good Luck!…Cookie


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