All Natural Lavender Household Cleaning Spray

All natural lavender household cleaning spray scented with lavender essential oil.

There are lots of different recipes available to make homemade household cleaners. I really like this homemade cleaner, but it contains a small amount of ammonia.

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It is great for tough jobs, but if you are looking for just a general cleaner, you might want to consider a less toxic cleaner like this orange-scented cleaner or a lavender cleaner like the one described below.


I love using cleaners that smell great, and I love the smell of lavender. I have recently been using lavender scented fabric softener in my laundry, and I was recently excited to realize that I could also use a lavender scent in my household cleaner.


This lavender cleaner is very inexpensive to make. All you need is white vinegar, water, and lavender essential oil.


It is very easy to find lavender essential oil. You should be able to find it at Target or Walmart, or you can also buy lavender essential oil online at Amazon.


Supplies Needed:


*Note: You can use any clean empty spray bottle to make this cleaner, although please note that in time essential oil will eat away at plastic bottles.


If you go through this cleaner quickly you shouldn’t need to worry about that, but you can also buy glass bottles like these glass spray bottles from Amazon, and your homemade sprays made with essential oils will last a lot longer.


Combine all the above ingredients in your empty spray bottle, and your homemade lavender cleaning spray is ready to use! Use it like you would any all-purpose household cleaner.


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All natural lavender household cleaning spray scented with lavender essential oil.

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