Canning Apricot Pineapple Jam

Easy recipe for making and canning apricot pineapple jam from fresh apricots.

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I just love apricot pineapple jam. Plain apricot jam is great too, but there is something about the pineapple in apricot pineapple jam. They make a great combination. You can alter this recipe to be just apricots or increase the amount of pineapple, as long as the total amount of fruit is 4 cups.


3 c. chopped apricots
1 c. crushed pineapple, drained
5 c. sugar
4 ½ tbsp. powdered pectin

Chop apricots. You don’t need to peel them for this recipe.

Place chopped apricots in a large stock pot. If you like large chunks of fruit in your jam, you can just mash them with a potato masher (if they are really ripe). If you want the fruit to be blended up, you can blend up the apricots in a blender or food processor. I like to use an immersion blender to blend mine right in the pan.

Add crushed pineapple.

Stir pectin into fruit mixture. You can also add a pinch of butter if you’d like to help reduce foaming. Bring to a boil that cannot be stirred down.

Pour sugar in all at once. Return mixture to a boil. Boil for 1 minute.

Remove any foaming from the top of the jam with a metal spoon.

Pour jam into clean, sterilized pint or half pint canning jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Wipe rims of jars and place sterilized rings and lids on jars, tightening finger tight.

Place in boiling water canner with water covering jars by 1 inch. Process jars for 10 minutes.

Remove jars from canner and set on a towel on the kitchen counter to cool. Unsealed jars should be placed in refrigerator and eaten within one week. Sealed jars can be stored in a cool dark place for 1-2 years.

Yield: 3 pints or 6 half pints

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Easy recipe for making and canning apricot pineapple jam from fresh apricots.

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