How to Make a Pinata Cake

How to make an easy pinata cake your kids will love from your favorite store bought cake mix.

My youngest son’s birthday fell close to Easter this year, so I was looking for a fun cake to make that would work both for his birthday and Easter. I found this pinata cake, and it turns out it was really easy to make. You can fill it with any kind of candy you like. It’s a fun cake to make for birthdays or any holiday.

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  • 2 boxes store-bought cake mix
  • 3 containers store-bought frosting
  • 2 bags (approx. 4 cups) jelly beans or other candy

This cake will take you a couple hours to make, but it is really pretty simple to make.

The cake you are going to make will have four layers, that is why you need two boxes of cake mix. (You can substitute any homemade cake recipe if you like, but for time’s sake I used a store bought mix this time).

Prepare the two cake mixes according to the directions on the package. Let the cakes cool in the pans for about 10 minutes, then remove them from the pans and let them cool on wire racks until completely cooled.

To prepare the pinata portion of the cake, you will need to cut out the center of the cake. You can do this by finding a small bowl that is smaller in diameter than your cake layers.

You are going to cut a circle out of two of the layers. Two of the layers will remain whole. Place the small bowl in the center of one of the layers and use a knife to cut around the bowl. Carefully remove the circle from the center. Repeat with one of the other layers. You should now have two layers with holes cut in the center.

Next place one of the uncut layers on your serving dish. Frost the layer you just placed on the dish. Next place one of the cut layers on top of the bottom layer, and then place the other cut layer on top of that. You should now have three layers, with a large hole in the center of the cake.

Place the jelly beans or other candy in the hole until it fills up the cavity in the cake. The top of the candy should be level with the top of the cake.

Place the top layer on the cake and use the remaining frosting to frost the remainder of the cake.

That’s it! This cake really is easy to make. It was my first time making a four layer cake and I was really happy with how it turned out (and my son loved it too)!

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How to make an easy pinata cake your kids will love from your favorite store bought cake mix.

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