The Secret to Growing Miniature Roses

How to care for miniature roses outdoors in your garden.

Growing a rose bush is no doubt fun, and there are many who have tried their hand at it. Of course there are just as many who say that roses are the hardest type of flower to grow, and as such many will stray away from them. Growing miniature roses is even more fun, and just like with standard roses there are a few things that you will need to do to make sure that they grow properly.

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Planting Miniature Roses


To start out with, you’re probably going to be growing your miniature roses outdoors, so you’ll want to plant them somewhere in your garden. Make sure that you combine your potting soil with peat moss, as this will promote air circulation and help the plant to go properly.


Remember that your roses will need at the very least four hours of sunlight per day if they are to thrive. Even roses that are supposed to be ‘nocturnal’ will still need those four hours, and thus you will need to pick a decent location for your plants.


How to care for miniature roses outdoors in your garden.


If you are planting them indoors, make sure that they are near a window. Proper lighting will encourage proper blooming, which is the whole point of actually having roses. Every other day you will want to commence the watering of the miniature roses.


One important thing however is to make sure you let the soil actually dry out occasionally. By doing this you will stop over-watering from occurring.


When taking care of pests, it is best to avoid chemicals, therefore you will want to rinse the tops and bottoms of your leaves regularly using a soap based solution. You can use an alcohol solution, but try to avoid putting the miniature rose bush back into the sunlight until the alcohol has had a chance to dry out.


Pruning Miniature Roses


Pruning is yet another important part of growing miniature roses. You are going to need your roses to be well pruned, otherwise they might not bloom quite as planned. You might however have some issues deciding which canes to cut off of your rose when the time comes.


To be safe, pick five or six of the largest canes, and then cut off the rest. This will prove beneficial over time, so make sure that it is done especially after winter.


Fertilizing Miniature Roses


To feed your roses you should use some sort of organic rose food, but stay away from chemical fertilizer as this will do a nice job of wiping out good microorganisms.


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As you can see, there are many benefits that go along with planting miniature rose bushes, and there is a lot of work. It’s not impossible though, as some people would have you believe.


If you wish to have a garden of the most beautiful rose bushes, then by all means, go for it, you certainly won’t be sorry when you have a beautiful garden that people will come from all over to get a glimpse of.


Written by James Tyree, a rose gardening enthusiast. Reprinted with permission.


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