How to Grow Parsley

Easy tips for growing parsley outside from seed. One of my favorite beginning gardening tips!

Parsley is one of a kind among the herbal species. It takes its own sweet time to germinate, which can take as long as up to six weeks. So, you better have a good measure of patience on hand when you are ready to grow parsley from seeds. There is, however, an easy way to grow any quantity/variety of parsley in your garden, in your flower bed, or in container on your patio.

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Growing parsley from seeds is really not hard. But it takes time. To help the germination, soak the seeds in warm water overnight. In the morning strain (use coffee filter) and dry the seeds on paper towel, mix with radish or spinach seeds to mark the rows. Spinach and radishes are fast growing and you’ll be able to harvest them before they are in the way of parsley.


Always follow planting instructions on the seed packet. Every variety has its own requirements. When your parsley plants are about a couple of inches tall, thin to 8 to 12 inches. Again, follow the instructions and keep in mind that parsley needs space to grow.


Easy tips for growing parsley outside from seed. One of my favorite beginning gardening tips!


Parsley is a good companion to carrots, onions, tomatoes, asparagus and roses. It attracts beneficial insects and acts as repellent to damaging ones. If parsley over winters in your area, let a few plants go to bloom in its second year. Parsley’s flowers are also very beneficial for the same reason: attracting parasitic wasps and hoverflies.


The easy way to grow parsley is to buy seedlings from the nursery. Choose small plants and disturb the roots as little as possible since parsley is not very fond of transplanting. Choose curly leaf or flat leaf kind, depending on what purpose you’re using your parsley plants for.


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