Removing Crayon Marks from Tables

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Q: I am on the cleaning crew for my church and the classroom tables are FULL of crayon marks. I’ve tried disinfectant spray, windex and scrubbies and these don’t work. I also tried rubbing alcohol and this didn’t work either.

Tip #1: White vinegar did the trick!!!

Tip #2: Mr. Clean’s “Magic Eraser” works great on all scuffs, crayon marks without scratching using just water!

Tip #3: By accident I found out that Shout will take out crayon and permanent marker off the walls and wood work!!

Tip #4: Plain old baking soda or laundry soap (POWDER form) and a moist terry cloth does the trick!

Tip #5: Toothpaste, any will work although the white toothpastes work a little better than the gels get crayon marks and markers off tables and walls!

Tip #6: The tip on using toothpaste works like a charm! The moment I began rubbing the toothpaste in to the table the crayon started disappearing. I was using the gel kind and it truly works!!…Tami

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