How to Display Stuffed Animals

Q: I have 105 stuffed animals that I want to display. Any ideas?

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Tip #1: My daughter had many stuffed animals that she didn’t want to part with yet her room was too small to display all of them.

So my husband put a display shelf about 12 to 15 inches from the ceiling to display the smaller stuffed animals. They were up out of the way and they looked nice displayed that way.

Tip #2: We have over 1000 stuffed animals. What we use the most for our stuffed animals are the plastic and metal shelving that you can find at Wal-Mart pretty inexpensively. You can get a lot of stuffed animals on one of those shelves.

Also, the plastic chairs for children are great for larger teddy bears. Also, I have an old high chair that is a family heirloom; and I have a big bear and some small bears in it. Also, an old baby carriage or a doll bed would work too.

Tip #3: A friend of mine had her son’s stuffed animal collection hanging from the ceiling. She put each animal on a length of fishing line using a large needle and the fishing line as the thread and hung them from the ceiling using thumbtacks.

Our kids were just babies at the time and would get *almost* endless enjoyment from watching the animals dance about on their strings. To really get them (the animals….and the babies, really…lol) she would use the broom handle and walk around the room stirring up the ceiling critters.

The way she hung them was very evenly spaced and all on the same length of line. I imagine one could experiment with differing heights and such.

Tip #4: There are those “hammock”-like things you can buy to hang in corners (near the ceiling – or as low as you prefer). I don’t know how many they hold – but I’m sure they come in many sizes. And for your collection, I’d recommend a couple!

Or, if it’s in your bedroom or someplace, maybe shelving all around the room (assuming it’s a square/rectangle) – so you can display them all, have them by the ceiling (don’t forget moth balls & bay leaves to keep moths & spiders/ants away!), out of the way of “little hands” (if you want) – and all you have to do is once every 6 mos. or so clean them off.

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