How to Preserve Cattails for Autumn Decor

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Step-by-step instructions for preserving cattails to display with your fall or autumn decor. Just a few minutes of your time, and they will be all ready for autumn display.

There are thousands of cattails at one of our favorite camping spots and every year I think about bringing a couple home to put on my front porch. This year we were able to go camping in October just before the cattails were done for the year so I thought I would bring a few home to decorate my front porch for fall.

It turns out that it is really easy to preserve cattails. If you don’t do anything to preserve them they will eventually “explode” and make a mess all over the place.

To preserve them, all you need to do is give the ends of them a good coating with any cheap hair spray. This will protect them and keep them from falling apart. If you store them carefully, they will even last a couple of years.

I have some old milk containers on my porch that I put my cattails in. I think they add a nice touch of nature to my autumn decor.

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