7 Uses for Goo Gone You’ve Never Thought Of

Goo Gone has been a favorite product of mine for many years. Goo Gone boasts many uses: removing stickers, labels, tape and more. There are actually many more uses for Goo Gone that a lot of people don’t know about, so I thought I would list them here.

#1 Removing Silly Putty or Slime from Carpet

Goo Gone is great for removing silly putty from carpet. It will require a lot of scrubbing but it will get it out. Note: Do not apply Goo Gone directly to carpet. Apply it to a damp cloth and rub the Goo Gone into the stain.

#2 Removing Yellow Armpit Stains from Shirts

If you or someone in your family has problems with excess sweating or perspiration that leaves yellow armpit stains on shirts, Goo Gone can get it out! Soak the stain with Goo Gone, let it sit for an hour or so, and then scrub with a scrub brush. Then wash the shirt in the washing machine, using a little more detergent than usual.

#3 Removing Sharpie Marker on Vinyl Floor Mat

Goo Gone is great for removing sharpie marks from almost anything, including vinyl floor mats.

#4 Removing Paper Tape from Glass

Goo Gone works great for removing tape or stickers from glass, like on your bathroom mirror or car window.

#5 Removing Sticker Glue from Clothing

Goo Gone works great for removing labels and stickers from shirts, even after they have been washed.

#6 Removing Crayon Marks from Walls

If you have young children or grandchildren, then chances are you have had crayon marks on your painted walls at some point. Goo Gone works great to get these marks off. It will take a bit of scrubbing, but they will come off.

#7 Removing Glue from Scissors

I don’t know about you, but grabbing scissors out of the kitchen drawer and finding that they are completely sticky from whatever project my kids last made with lots of glue is really annoying. Especially when every single pair you find is sticky (yes, that has happened to me). Good news is Goo Gone is great at getting off that sticky gunk and makes your scissors like new again!

General Directions for Using Goo Gone

Goo Gone is a great product that has many uses around the home. Here are some general directions for using Goo Gone.

  • Test all surfaces in a small spot before applying over the whole surface. Do not use Goo Gone on silk, leather, suede, or rubber.
  • Apply Goo Gone to stain and let it set for a few minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth. Gently clean surface with soap and water.

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I love Goo Gone! Goo Gone has many cleaning uses you've never thought of or heard of before. Find out all the many uses of Goo Gone for sticker and stain removal in your home.

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