Natural Ear Wax Remedies

Although it is totally normal to have a small amount of ear wax in your ear, it seems that some children and even adults just naturally accumulate more ear wax in their ears than other people. For some people, if it is severe enough, it can even cause hearing problems.

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You can find ear wax removal kits like this ear wax removal kit at stores like Amazon or Walmart for less than $10, and people have had varying degrees of success with them.

After a quick search online, however, I found that there are a number of inexpensive, natural home remedies that can be used to remove ear wax from your or your children’s ears.

Please note that this advice should not take the place of a doctor’s advice. While these remedies are safe in most people, if the person has an ear ache or a ruptured ear drum, putting anything in the ear can cause more harm, so please be careful when experimenting with home remedies.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Some people have had great success with placing a couple of drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in the ear, letting it set a minute or two, and then placing a couple of drops of water in the ear to wash it out. The hydrogen peroxide helps to dry up the excess ear wax so that it will more easily come out of the ear on its own.
  • Olive Oil – You can also warm up a bit of olive oil and place a couple of drops in each ear. Keep the head tilted to keep it in the ear for a couple of minutes and then rinse with water.

The drops can be placed in the ear with either an eye dropper or a bulb syringe

While the peroxide has a more drying effect, the olive oil has a more of a dissolving effect on the ear wax, but both have been proven to be effective in helping you remove unwanted ear wax.

Personally, I have tried both the hydrogen peroxide method and the kit from the store, and I found that the hydrogen peroxide worked just as well as the kit from the store. Hydrogen peroxide is very inexpensive, you can find it in any drug store, and it also has many other helpful uses.

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